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these are all from one day...forget about the other 140 i was telling you guys about, i'm over those flicks...these are new, and these are the ones from about 130 i felt like sharing...there's a reason i'm hoarding a lot of em, i'll fill you all in on it when i'm ready. you'll thank me. until then, enjoy about 60 or so flicks. please comment and gossip about whos under all those old golden wests. i see so many classics covered it hurts (in no way am i implying any of those in this post are the ones that have been covered, i usually dont post too many of em cause a lot of the time it's crap). but it happens, shit fades, new kids, and dark nights...we've all done it...wait till i'm done though...





















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fuck i must really be getting to be an old fart. i see a drew posted and i think of

drew cbs-fly id. i see a war posted and think war ftl. wolf tfp, hello!?!

yet these aren't the real ones.


am i the only one?


trains have really opened up the floodgates of graf and have let us all see who's out there. not everyone looks in mags or gets to travel or is up on their history. some people dont care. yeah, getting old has a lot to do with it, but i think when a large gap in generations happens, names get recycled. a lot of the time those involved with the original writers arent doing it anymore like they used to and dont have the time to track down someone using their or their homies name. to me, graf is more the style than the letter combo...two people may write the same name, but its what they do with it that counts. those that know, know.

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