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  1. Come on Motherfucker. Lets see exactly how gay and pussy I am. Bring your crew! I know more than a few angry non graffiti related motherfuckers that would love nothing more than to bash on some outta town g wanking faggots. Lets do this!
  2. Come handle this bitch, Geeeeee. Burn me. Seriously come burn me! I got a perfect place out here in the cut. Graffiti is last on my list for fame.
  3. Crow isn't as clever as he thinks he is. I guess it has eluded him that Dekor is also in Railheads. I'm guessing you would know, I believe they do get up quite abit. .... .
  4. ^^^^^^^^^^ Your Welcome! I didn't say shit to you or anybody about anything. But yet you proceeded to carry your beef beyond Asic on and over my own work. I seen the Pink Panther E2E with my own eyes, that is, after you dissed the whole car. I was not impressed. To I that shows you lack the proper respect for the game. Therefore I don't respect you. MY coldtrain/reefers spots are iller than yours. I will hunt you like a savage till my belly's full. Diss or go over any more and I wash, rinse and repeat! xoxo mecha leka high
  5. Already a big Keystone Bench follower! Nice to finally see some of that illness being shared on an open forum...
  6. Yo back the fuck up! You got an ax to grind against Paser and MFK? Man up! Don't use my words as your springboard for talkin trash on those guys.
  7. Funny how some of the same maroons brushing off freight etiquette earlier, can't even tell one side of a freight car from the otherside.
  8. Paser is a toy?!?!?! and has it all fucked up?!?!?!? Who is the new kid here?
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