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  1. Noticed a few atak slaps in milwakee the past few days. Atak hit me up if you wanna get up. We snail mail traded like 10yrs back.
  2. That tead is bangin like usual...
  3. soneMILWwi

    20 20

    Catalyst's like woah!!!
  4. Artistikfunk bringing it like usual!!! How many mcribs did you get this time around??? I wonder how many Henry got his crazy ass to eat...
  5. Rusto products, fancy liquitex spray paint, paint markers, mean streaks and graffiti books for you reading pleasure. The history of American graffiti is the newest one I have up for sale. Holler on pm's to talk business and deals...
  6. I got plenty of liquitex spray cans for sale $6 bucks a piece, they retail for 12 bucks. Holla. I also have plenty of of brand new hard cover graffiti books to unload especially the history of American graffiti, graffiti by j-son with the adek throw on the cover and a few others. Hit me up chuck!!! Plus the homies have copies of painted steel 2 DVD if you don't already have it...
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