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  1. My original name of IRON HEAD is in the shirt!! So sick. Anyway I can please get a code?
  2. Rip to a legend that was such an inspiration! It's an honor meeting and hanging at steel wheels in ATL... You def went ham on ATL that trip.... I always wonder why it is that people you such high respect and high regards for are the ones that leave us early... Deaths like these are very hard to absorb... Much condolences go out to fam, friends and crew where. Know he will eternally live on forever!!! Rest in paradise homie... I can definitely speak on the behalf of the entire WH KBT EPC family! RIPeace
  3. Not the first time that duck has gone over a crew member!
  4. Years almost over.... You guys be safe!!!!! Happy New Year!!!!!
  5. Our colors will never run! Fuck those terrorists fuck! But this day has made OUR country a better and safer place to be! Here we are ten years later and I remember exactly what I was doing during those few hours that morning. All the images that were thrown at us... My condolences go out to the families of all 9/11 victims! I am proud to be an American even more so today! We will never forget!
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