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  1. damn! I downloaded but it say's I am unauthorizcktime or itued to view it. I'm so pissed. It wont work in quines. Itunes keeps asking me for a password
  2. usually the originals are much more favored by myself these days
  3. I dont really make much anymore but alot of friends have been jumping on this soundcloud thing. So I made one to keep in touch with old friends. I use to make Hip Hop type beats but that shit sucks now. https://soundcloud.com/#a-m-f-m
  4. i use to get them really bad for days at a time. i was prescribed effexor 75 mg. it took one month for the meds to get into my system but they went away. ive been on the meidcation about 7 years and havent had anymore panic attacks. meds act different with everyone and dosages take some time to figure out how much youll need for them to go away. also ask your doctor to prescribe you something thats non habit forming so youre not getting rid of one problem and gaining a new one
  5. i dont mean to jump in but, everything about that ass picture is of a male. arms, hands, hips etc
  6. if he was smart hed spray himself with some good ol pam cooking spray and the paint will come right off. then take a shower with dish soap.. but fucking with passed out people is a free ticket to get fucked up in my book
  7. that june might be the best shit i have seen in a long time
  8. yes we all know the inportance of the internet killing everything sacred. but i also blame fatso for bring attention to reefers with his fucking movie and thes starting of this thread.. fuck you fatso you bastard
  9. gotta have something to look at to take away from that mans face, geez
  10. i hope you have the paper work to back up your statement. those are some big words to talk if youre not holding some proof....
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