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  1. keptoe's no snitch. that's some slander.
  2. good to see a couple x-losers still gettin busy out there.
  3. http://www.flickr.com/photos/southernpacificforever/5823126569/
  4. Southern Pacific Forever Volume 9 by SouthernPacificForever, on Flickr
  5. Southern Pacific Forever Volume 9 440 pages full color freights! http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/1491922
  6. its rare to catch an ashley drew with the original reporting marks...nice one!
  7. why would merlon think it was okay to go over sug? the answer is that new folks to the fr8 game dont respect history and hang out with others that will go over anyone. flick it and forget is the new attitude, i guess. sad.
  8. thats just tokens old stuff...he's been around for a real long time...
  9. nice post...too many of those have crossed my path...and it's "corinth & counce"
  10. tequila makes her clothes fall off!
  11. if you bench a lot, you see plenty of bad graf, his point is that it doesnt need to be posted on here. if you like looking at badly painted freights than maybe thats the level you're on. todays toys can get their fame tomorrow if they make it that far.
  12. caught that kems n gesr rollin a few eeks back...good to see an adonis freight.
  13. phenz.move & pores with the rip phrite pieces...
  14. so thats where they're hiding all WFE's.
  15. Southern Pacific Forever Volume 4
  16. how does that song go? "you ain't seen nothin' yet!"
  17. my dude says thanks for the love and just hit him up if you have any more questions or comments or ideas for future volumes of the SPF southernpacificforever@hotmail.com here's a few spreads from the book ...all spreadsmfrom the spf myspace picture album...
  18. sorry about that link not working... spf myspace
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