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  1. it happens. especially at night. sometimes you cant see everything. nice post
  2. cavs high xide sace navy skrew lewis seaz
  3. not bad at all. well done. it amazes me that a 14 year old can make a respectable post when 90 percent of this community older than him is still asking "yo how do i post pictures" ha
  4. gross. just because you have 12 frieght flicks of some self promo, doesn't mean anyone is slept on. in fact... i'd rather be sleeping..
  5. where and when were these benched if you don't mind me asking... i caught a few of those earlier this week. that polka dotted isto at the end was so big and bold in person...
  6. zeph eye tre erupto kerse met
  7. dz spek aves spel xide zask met zeph seaz goose
  8. chip eye navy bailey spek arsn
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