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What do you do when your drunk?


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Drinking leads to chain smoking which leads to rolling a blunt. This leads to me being drunk and high, which leads to me talking slow and slurred.


Note: This happened last weekend at a friends house. Blatantly drunk at 3am I plugged his guitar in and turned up the volume as loud as I could stand and launched into my own musical version of Jimi Hendrix's Red House.


The cops came 10 min later.

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got drunk yesterday, threw a trolley down onto the tracks then joined about 15 people in showering it with bottles. the day also involved a bbq, party masks and whistle's, oh yeah lots of beer. writing on stuff. writing dumb stuff like if you buff this you will have bad luck for 7 years". i also found a sailer hat and whore that. i dont know what else. it was awesome though thread should definately start including photos.

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when i get drunk i normally get really hungry and have to get loads of food well i think i want loads and loads of food but prob only eat bout half of it the rest gets thrown at ppl or mashed into someones face... the next day we normally have somestill in our hair or over our clothes but wat can ya do its funny at the time!!


sometimes when we walkin home we'd get plant pots and stuff from ppls gardens and put them into one of our mates gardens that went in early.. we also have a habit of gettin "for sale" signs and putting them in another persons garden jus for the laugh

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