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  1. Savour my tasty delights! It's a whole cheese, baked in a pie! It's breaded salmon! It's a duck! It's a napkin boot! It's stuffed chicken breast! It's pears poached in wine! It's strawberry mousse! Hungry?
  2. Second^^ And how I eat pussy now, I just didnt want to eat her, because it was dirty. And smelt. -------------------------------------- I like to Oz it when i'm drunk. And read my posts the next day and feel stoooopid.
  3. Shame this is the last leg of you're journey, as much as love the LDN, it is shit-expensive and i'm guessing after three months of boogying you ain't gonna have too much kashmoney left! Let's see what I can suggest for London moneysavers: 1. Food. Tesco (big supermarket chain) will tend to have a 'reduced' shelf/section (all the about-to-go-out-of-date sandwiches etc). Take the reduced stickers off of these and wack em on £10 sushi/whatever you feel like and get it for pennies. Yum. 2. Travel. Get good at 'doubling up' behing people through ticket barriers, travel on the Tube is a fucking rip off, even buying a weeks Travelcard/Bus Pass will still set you back a fair bit. Good answer to this is 'Chinese' travelcards...I'll save the details for a PM I think. 3. Getting pissed and dancing. If the cash situation is really getting low, but you still fancy having a pop at some High-grade English totty... No matter what sort of music/scene/pussy you're looking for we can cater to it. Plan B in Brixton does good hip-hop nights, smallish club but good. Throwdown on every 3rd Thursday of the month (i think) has a load of canvas graff/art on display, open mic, break battles and all that jazz. Worth checking out. For all night stuff, try FabricLive up in Farringdon on Fridays>> good couple thousand people, hip-hop, drum and bass rooms, again DEFINITELY worth checking. Can't think of any other nights to check out at the moment, but try and get drunk beforehand as drinks in the clubs will cane your money. 4. Narcotics. Not REALLY my thing so can't offer much advice. Hope this drivel is helpful, i'm pretty drunk so will try add some more stuff tomorrow. Have a good trip ya lucky cunt.:)
  4. Top-notch flickage. London rocks, got back in touch with it today by walking around Central for about 6 hours. It does hit you hard in the wallet tho, whatever you're doing here! Does make you appreciate how cheap nearly all other Euro countries are!
  5. Yea no doubt Corisma, but cue the angry mob of "what the fuck is that" comments.
  6. Also, sex with ex's always provides for awkward moments. You know, that moment where you sit there silently, thinking repeatedly "I really shouldn't have done this, this was a bad move." -fuse. Fuck yes, until she rolls over and stares at you with THAT look in her eye. Awesome. Awesome to the max how familiar that is.. Because you weren't shaved before?
  7. Re: Cats.............................................. .................or dogs Cats. Named after LOTR characters.
  8. Shit photos, couple runners at junction yesterday. Drop, Nots and ??? Even worse flik. Was a jerm dokea riot boms buck
  9. The roof does curve back another couple of feet, but that ^^^ would probably be considered a wholecar.
  10. Hehe, no such luck KARTOONKILLA!
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