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  1. Bed.

    =i should write this down=

    Good benching if every single one of you filthy mother fuckers doesnt bump FROST I will personally come and knock every one of your fucking dicks in the dirt. OFF TOP.
  2. Bed.

    Reefer Madness

    I really feel bad for ARMN's.... Those things get smashed on. Bout to start bringing white buff to the spot daytime for some clean ups. Get in good with the workers too. Maybe scoop a parking pass.
  3. Bed.


    REYES BERLIN JONES flat all day!! BOZO
  4. Bed.


    That beef has been put to rest. Im pretty sure they have even been painting together
  5. Bed.

    P I T T S B U R G H

    I hear you youngsters are getting popped left and right. Pittsburgh does not play on their graf cases. RUN!
  6. Bed.

    TCI- midwest fr8 killers

    That was probably the best 20 flicks ive ever seen come out at once on 12 oz. My jaws is dropped. Props
  7. Bed.

    Relentless as a rookie

    Alot of good shit towards the end
  8. Bed.

    keep it moving,cuz bad news travells fast

    WASP mfk TIMBER SOO Lines Wet tracks 42 HOSER ASEND floater
  9. Bed.

    Instagram. how does it work?

    Yo check it ____Strictly___Business___ (4 underlines in each... i think) Peep game on relatively interesting photos updated regularly. Its public too. DONT BE SCARED.
  10. Bed.

    =not all who wander are lost=

  11. Bed.


  12. Bed.


    Good morning.