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  1. yeah penpal is great postem up
  2. that fourme is so sweet.and my pal rabbit came in for a burner at fisrt place
  3. MILbrew


    baltimore looks like fun soon i will be
  4. someone should start a ctw thread maybe
  5. MILbrew

    another one

    cool background on pix kinda diffrnt
  6. oh shit yes baby nice train
  7. river.im suprised you didnt see any ctw on this line
  8. i think evail is in fcr he might be in tci 2 im not sure.
  9. you my friend are just being a angry child.i searched your name and i expected more out of someone from FST.i have heard bad things about you guys but just talking stupoid shit like that cmon now...tci hasnt painted 20 trains?your jealous?hating?.i have never seen a satan fst train.anyways.stole this
  10. atak btr and gain snafu was dope
  11. these are sum funky bombin cool killers fcr is really nice to me i'll start it.post em if you can!
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