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  1. make em say uuuuuuhhhh
  2. the mexicans took your job
  3. cedar park is like 30 minutes away from where i live that kid is gonna be fucked up for life.
  4. i saw this on the channel above BET once when i was flipping around. i think it was the same chick getting hers bleached with the thumbs up up there.
  5. Hey muthafuckas, guess what I got I just came from the spot and I scooped up a pot Of this good coughee, I got it right up under my hat It's in a brown paper sack, it's a dime and it's fat Pass me a swisher so I can twist a Nice fat muthafuckin spliff for ya, mister Shit, cause I'm ready to get wired up First I lick the leaf and I tie it up Get the lighter and fire it up But bitch, when you get it don't be tryin to hit it hard So you cough and you joke and you slob and you fart Fuckin round with my coughee, bitch, you better be cautious Cause hoe, you know I roll big old horse dicks
  6. i hate that dude, he sucks, he ryhmes the same words on most of his lines. "im in a distribution, im like atlantic/ i got them pretty things flying across the atlantic. (woooooo)"
  7. i got the 30 gb video jawn. its pretty cool. black too.
  8. Balki


    gnar gnar even.
  9. he just helped you out, quit talking shit.
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