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  1. listen to the party boy song and go look at the animated gif thread
  2. no one cares about how you feel when you eat pizza. Shut the fuck up
  3. http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1770138
  4. California is where smug assholes live who think they have perfected life . God will probably destroy California first when the world ends in 2012. As far as texas goes.... ONLY STEERS AND QUEERS LIVE IN TEXAS!
  5. that new chamillionaire video is good. BG Juvenile Turk Hotboys UNLV all them are fuckin gutter. Juvenile is actually about to drop a new album. Go download their shit yall wont be disapointed.
  6. Re: The Epitome of Southern nigga accents. i figured. At least i don't sound like a pansy.
  7. Re: The Epitome of Southern nigga accents. haha where are you coming from?
  8. Re: The Epitome of Southern nigga accents. i think soulja boy nows exactly how his music sounds. i think he purposely adds that ignorant element.
  9. Re: The Epitome of Southern nigga accents. Im coming out of new orleans by the way.
  10. Re: The Epitome of Southern nigga accents. setting them back 30 years? I think everyone was better off 30 years ago. I mean think about it that alot of fucking middle-class white people snobby ignorant fuck heads. Id rather a bunch of ignorant black people than a bunch of ignorant smug white people who think they know everything.
  11. Re: The Epitome of Southern nigga accents. what the fuck? Your saying that people like the hot boys, and unlv were unoriginal?
  12. dont get me wrong though im not saying steroids didnt help him.
  13. Mesm, thats over 10 years to train and workout. The difference from then and now is not a good argument that steroids did that. He did take steroids but that muscle doesn't last. The amount of homers he hit while on steroids compared to not on them would be good, if anyone can get that sort of info.
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