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  1. When i was in Pattaya i got in the ring with this little thai dude, i thought i would beat him by charging him with solid punches and knocking him out. this technique was working for about the first 12 seconds till he got a clean kick to the side of my head. i had a headache for a fucking week.
  2. My first grade teacher would pull kids pants down and spank them(I thought this shit was wrong but no one else in the class thought so), then when i was in highschool i was wathcing the news one night and my first grade teacher was on there. He was arrested for fondeling some kids genetilia.
  3. when your bangin some broad the same day you met her and as your about to cum she says "i like to swallow" after she swallows says "you were good but my boyfreind is better". different girl. met at a bar, when the bar closed i banged her in by boys car while he waited outside. finished whiped my junk off with her underwear and said, hey you dont mind if my boy gets a little do you? she smiles and says ok. those are whores.
  4. your right about your job choice not being put into your contract but their is a form (dont remember the number) that you and your recruiter sign that guarantee you the job of your choice assuming you have the scores for it but you said that most recriuters are assigned to this and didnt volunteer? they are not obligated to do a B billlet most people do this because it increases your chances for promotion. if you decided to do a B billet you have options such as drill instructor, recruiter, MOS instructor, and if your a marine MSG. so most likely your recruiter did choose that position.
  5. thats good advice stereotype. another thing i would like to add is, if anyone is thinking of joining let the recruiter know your running the show. you pick the job you want and ship when you want. dont let them steer you into a job they want you to take. get it all in writing. they will tell you they cant guarantee anything, thats bullshit, if they tell you that tell them you wont sign. recruiting is at an all time low dont let the recruiter run the show.
  6. yes, recruiting duty is a secondary job you can take for a few years. doing well as a recruiter (meeting quotas, filling jobs that need to be filled) doesnt directly lead to a promotion for the recruiter but does count torword his "score" that does lead to a promotion, thats why a recruiter will always tell you they dont get rewarded for making quotas.
  7. all recruiters are full of shit. they have quota's and will do and say anything to fill them. i was going to do recruiting duty and when i seen the all the bullshit and kids not fit to be in the military slip through th cracks i said fuck this.
  8. former marine (Deep Reconnaissance Platoon) now lazy fatass. Semper Fudge.
  9. the only way of dealing with a police encounter is running really fast, and as for the K-9's hit those bitches on the nose with a brick that shit will stop them real quick. P.S. I love dogs just not police dogs.
  10. fact: Phil Hartman did the voice for these simpsons characters Troy Mclure Lionel Hutz
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