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  1. Anyone got a picture of the Nexus chrome piece in the backer for a good few years ago??
  2. Some savage stuff being posted on here then there is utter muck.. ah ireland i missed ya...
  3. Re: Chile 8.3 Earthquake................... I'm gonna start my rocket building and go live on Mars... NASA are keeping it to themselves but ill get there first... But really who's Mother is bouncing on the bouncy castle.. tell her to cut it out... Chile is feeling the effects....
  4. i am a member thanks... somethin like shareminer??... i havent downloaded in a long long time...
  5. Listening to The Dubliners, Damien Dempsey, Drake and Vampire Weekend at the mo.. my music game is way off.. where is best to download from torrent sites etc
  6. tried this already it still happening?? anything else i can try?? thanks
  7. Yo lads and ladies, my laptop keys are not working properly the r t f g v b 4 5 keys work then stop and you have to press them a couple of times to get them to work. any ideas how to solve this thanks JS
  8. Loving the bridge any photos of the other side...
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