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Gross old man


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ok, my roomate has been having weird ass problems about his english teacher like rubbing his stomach and shit, and him and i just thought it was something that silly old men do and didnt think much about it anymore. Well, as time went on, mike stopped going to class and his teacher started emailing him and shit, which was weird. I dont know exactly what was said, but I know it made mike uncomfortable. Well, i woke up today to hear my roomate saying "yes sir" and "ok, thank you" in a way that i could tell he really just wanted to get off the phone, i guessed it was his english teacher, i was right. well, he opened his email upon request of said teacher, and this is the letter that was sent to mike




I have reread your essays and prayed so much about you. If you have two hours to meet with me personally next week. (We'll do it at the gym where it's quiet and where I work every day. We can lift weights (light), do treadmill, the whirlpool (for my back and the best place to discuss.)) If you can arrange this, I think we can resurrect a pass for English 1101. Not to announce to anyone because you have missed several classes, but you are a good writer and I have control of the final grade. I just need a two hour discussion with you.

Call me at home. Tues through Thurs will be good for me--if you are interested in catching up and passing. You have not blown it until you say no here. There are no catches, Michael. I work out every day because 0f my health and I usually work out with somebody. I'll ask questions; you'll answer. We'll change machines and do the same. Sit in the whirlpool--prescribed by the doctor--and have a better time to discuss. (Promise you won't look at my scarred body. Ha)There will be people around but not to listen to our English talk.

Call me at 770-000-0000. We're going to a wedding at 5 today, Saturday. Don't email.

I have not forgotten you. I read your papers again and saw that you have great promise in writing.


Your English teacher and one who believes in you.

Dr. Drummond



mike called his parents to find out what the shit he should do, because this has creeped himself and me out like crazy,,,,,,crazy......

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Originally posted by Poop Man Bob@Dec 11 2004, 08:09 PM

he can just argue that his professor was trying to manipulate him and his grade.


for real. some guy was bugging me in one of my classes and i missed a bunch of classes. my teacher gave me a passing grade cause i think he knew about it. not even just a passing grade, but a B and i didnt even tell any faculty about it.



also, is that the real email word for word? cause thats some weird shit. watch this turn into some svu drama shit. "he did it to me too, michael just gave me the courage to talk about it!"

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tell youre buddy mike he can kiss his sweet virgin asshole good bye because dr.Drummond sounds determined!




also, take a picture of your buddy mike, so when he comes up missing, you got a nice picture for the side of a milk cartoon already picked out.

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Holy fuck, the professor wants to get him into a hot tub? That's definite molestation action if I've ever seen it. The repeated references to a doctor and the neccessity of it just reinforce it.


Your friend has 2 options: go work out and have the professor attempt to molest him, then blackmail the professor into an A or print out the email, go to the dean, and get old boy fired.

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Originally posted by the_gooch+Dec 11 2004, 10:54 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (the_gooch - Dec 11 2004, 10:54 PM)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteBegin-oneeightyone@Dec 11 2004, 11:50 PM




oh stop, you were pulling this stuff when we painted....haha


gooch: "can i borrow some caps?"


181: "umm yeah, come sit in my car first"




Hey!, that was only supposed to be between me an you, you promised!@!


but werd, that picture is fucking disturbing and you gotta can that dude, think about all the other little kids he might have done shit to, busted old people man.

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Report that shit to the dean and in the President of the Univeristy or the board of directors or some such thing. You gotta take shit like that to the highest possible level.


And, if that's really the original email, word-for-word, then that old perverted fuck is a pretty pathetic english teacher..

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