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  1. You should roll through see what's become of it now. Got a lot of cats out there..looks good homie.
  2. Nothing has changed on this site. Word BigDubl, grew up around the time the whole EB MH smashing was taking place. Huge rollers on semi trailers off 75. The game hasn't changed..the players have. Now there's more mouth that paint.. Detroit..One love
  3. slammin commercial. slamminglyer girlie.
  4. This is fucking awesome. I wish there were more.
  5. Hahah, right when I came in here, I had my playlist on random and Jadakiss - Bring You Down came on. He will win.
  6. This is DEFINITELY the time I tell you I STILL HATE your fucking threads.
  7. your threads still suck. :chicken:
  8. wack attack, i turned it off after thirty seconds. im also eating.
  9. gonna watch this here vid, and if i dont like it u can suck my green irish pens
  10. wow, it just got even worse if that says loaf :yuck: :yuck:
  11. What about if she swallows? :huh2:
  12. can you repost the IT link? ill downlaod it..
  13. on that last deaf F, it looks like the small bars are sposed to line up but dont :yuck:
  14. about those montana alien cans, i have 2 cans and one cap alreadly clogged...anybody know any other caps i can use on there? thins prefferably..
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