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  1. now every toy will do trains!!
  2. you came thru with flicks. good man. i have no idea how i would react to that shit.
  3. vallely is an "old guy" ahahahhahahhaha.
  4. ok, a jab at chomsky is just foolish. i found this very intresting.
  5. i cant believe hes still saying "war on terror" every other sentance. well, maybe i can.
  6. my mom showed me this couple of days ago. love it. eat your heart out Chevy Chase!!
  7. and hey, if you got a chapelle story harvey, kick it. that would be dope.
  8. if the aliens were trying to get me, and i worked with you harvey, i dont think i would tell you. and the probes would definately be me and the aliens secret.
  9. you fixed the beer situation.good man. on my 21st bday, no fucking joke. the hottest girl at the bar (me and my homie wernt allowed in the first say 10 bars we go to for dresscode issues/ afraid of g's?) sits on my lap facing me, without saying a word, forcefeeds me a tequila shot after homie told her it was my bday. continues all fucking night. i blackout, but supposedly started to drag her back to other homies house. didnt work, but what i remember was excellent.
  10. hahahah the funny thing is meros half right. the hidden meaning shit. i will say it is not on the art fag tangent. it is on some grab you buy the throat and shake you around and shit.
  11. the very first time i saw daves show i thought what the fuck would the cos or oprah fucking think of this guy. someone years and years ago told me the cos buys the rights to old 60s-80s shows that portray black people being inferior/etc. so there wont be reruns. can anyone confirm?
  12. i believe this could be true, as this type of shit happens.
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