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12oz Will.


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Write 'em out, your 12oz wills.


I feel like I'm about to die right now so 12oz this is what you get.


Seeks - My trill ass nigga, you get all my painters touch 25% more in the basement.


Swif1 - You get this white rice I got in the fridge god, I'll big up ODB at the gates when I get there for ya.


Eye For An Eye - You can have my satellite, cuz a nigga needs some cable.


Ethreadz - Yo homie, you get my CD and mp3 collection. Keep it gully.


iquit - Get a NMoppa DVD and bury me with it iight?


Mero - Yo nigga, take my MP3 player, and the $46 in my wallet.

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hmm that is a good question..


Seeing as i really only know 2 people here on 12oz i am sure i know more but don't know there handles the list is short..



Hermdog..gets all me freight photo albums..


Slave1..gets what ever paint i have at the time i pass..


my Los Angeles wall photo albums are up for grap if i choke..Just so you know that is 20 plus photo albums..


that is all you cats get.

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hahah...well looks like im getting nothing hah


hail - chop off my penis for you and have it stuffed and turned into a dildo, color is up to you


gliko - you can have my bandanna/hat combo hahah


ethreadz - my money....its not a lot though


deto - all my non-pink clothes so you can have something else to wear hah

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