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Originally posted by symbols@Nov 1 2004, 06:50 AM

i really dig sin city.

fucking amazing.

i hope they don't fuck up the movie.


jessica alba's in it.


Then it's already ruined. I really wish they would have gone with no-name actors on this one. And the idea that it's on black and white... high contrast black and white at that... would be very cool and fitting.


And Hard Boiled is probably one of my faves. Though Elektra Assasin is amazing.

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Jessica Alba .... Nancy Callahan

Rosario Dawson .... Gail

Elijah Wood .... Kevin

Maria Bello .... Ava Lord

Bruce Willis .... Hartigan

Benicio Del Toro .... Jack Rafferty

Michael Clarke Duncan .... Manute

Carla Gugino .... Lucille

Josh Hartnett .... The Salesman

Michael Madsen .... Bob

Jaime King .... Goldie/Wendy

Brittany Murphy .... Shellie

Clive Owen .... Dwight

Mickey Rourke .... Marv

Nick Stahl .... Junior/Yellow Bastard


"A collection of interweaving stories all based in the corrupt, crime infested hell-hole that is Basin City. Heavily influenced by film-noir, the main storylines concern a hulking brute called Marv (Mickey Rourke), who is seeking the murderer of a beautiful woman who was killed while asleep in bed with him; an ex-photographer called Dwight (Clive Owen) who accidentally kills a hero cop and has to cover it up; and a soon-to-be-retiring policeman called Hartigan (Bruce Willis) who is incarcerated for a crime he didn't commit. All based on the brilliant graphic novels "Sin City", "The Big Fat Kill" and "That Yellow Bastard", written and illustrated by Frank Miller."


Release Date:

April 1, 2005

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yeah, that's a hardcore cast.


thing is, it's been years since I've read Sin City or even Dark Knight. I had received a gift certificate for my birthday, but couldn't find the damn graphic novels.


Frank Miller is a talent and a half. This is my first time visiting this part of the forum. More comic book artists should get play because that's the only art form I know a bit about.

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go to http://www.apple.com

click "quicktime"

then go to "more movie trailers"

then on the left hand side..scroll down a little and you can click to see the sin city trailer.

its on movie fone.com too, but it plays better off the apple site....



pure genius.

im going to be there, front seat without a seat belt damnit.

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