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  1. grim's been a member since july 2001...thats pre-9/11 .....sorry i just like to split up life into pre and post 9/11.....kinda like "b.c." and "a.d." Quoted post [/b] odd thing you mention that, back in that time I was working late night and would not wake up till well after 12pm, I believe that tuesday afternoon I woke up and did my usual routine....email, stileproject(back then it was more than a porn portal...but it was still fucking twisted....) and 12oz, I didnt know a damn thing about what was happeningtjhat day till i hit up 12oz... and I had an acount before this one but I lost the password,,,it was just plain old "grim" before then...
  2. loser.... get a life!! no just kidding, my post count would be alot as well, but I am just not as cool or funny enough to keep up with the rest of the 12oz regulars....
  3. me me me me me!! justin@helpmejebus.com
  4. Norman Rockwell, I always had a soft spot for this guy
  5. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been trying to remember the name od that movies for years now!!!!!!!!
  6. I usally stick to comic books or the newspaper opinion page.... but what exactly is the bathroom reader, what kind of stories does it have? please explain this to me :confused:
  7. <!--QuoteBegin--Rage-@Feb 24 2006, 08:42 PM I can't quite tell what I'm looking at... Is it the fact that it's missing a "0" or that fact that it's supposed to be a fine of 3 million? Similar to a pic I took this past summer... I was the one who fucked with the sign. Obviously used to say "Totally Free Parking" Quoted post kind of in the same vein...I caught this about 5 years ago in Knoxville
  8. only a matter of time... dammit.....I guess I should just go ahead and enlist in the military before I get drafted in... :shook:
  9. Reply to: pers-136539657@craigslist.org Date: 2006-02-24, 1:46AM CST im almost finished installing an extra bathroom poolside. there is a perfect size hole (unless you have a huge cock) to stick your dick through into the adjoing room. you can email her for a time convienient for you. come around the side of my house(perfect if you look like a repair man) enter into the unfisnished bathroom and she'll service you from the other side. you can leave when your done or stick around for seconds. i want to do this before the hole gets patched up. its been a huge fantasy of mine to have my wife working a glory hole ever since I've seen a glory hole online. she's home all-day most days so the schedule is open. i cant wait to hear her stories of her daily cock sucking sessions. check out her pic and directions here http://www.no-strings-fun.net/bigbuttbeth
  10. I know I not gay or anything like that but... i'd fuck elvis
  11. high card, 2 players it's like war but the loser of every hand takes a drink we used to play with a bottle of cheap vodka
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