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  1. mr.brick


    I could kick your asses at some hl2 death match. Steam's friend list is workin' now. I think my id is brickone. *twitch*twitch*
  2. mr.brick


    Oblivion is very awsome. I really enjoy sandbox games. They are fun because you can always go back and just sort of do what ever you want. Getting up really sucked. They went for the wrong kind of game. It need to be more of a sandbox thing and have some sort of online mode. The only game I play on heavy roation is Half Life 2:Deathmatch. This game has one of the best Death Matches I have ever played. Nothing really beats the gravity gun and throwing a table into a bunch of guys. Weapon of choice: revolver
  3. Cringle's Collision. Got these shots while doing some work for a tv show. PCC Street Car Graveyard.
  4. Maya will always remain a heavy hitter. The biggest difference between the two is really simple.. its the OS. Max wont run on linux and a lot of companies opt to use linux because its free. Well it sucks that it makes it harder to stay loyal (maybe?) to Alias - its a good thing because these products will still be in direct confromtation with each other. What is Cinema 4D like? I just started going to school for CG in video games mostly- but I think im more intrested in doing flim than games. johnny ballbags: You should deffinatly get max 8 instead of 7. Max 8 got rid of having to manually pull your model mesh apart to texture it with uvw (like painting your textures in photoshop). It has this thing in the UVW Unwrap modifer called Pelt mapping and its the coolest thing ever. Basically it pulls it appart for you by doing simulations. Like cutting some lines on your mesh- then attaching ropes to the cut lines and pulling the whole thing apart. Its improved my work flow so much and made the process actually enjoyable. Sorry for the lenghtly explanation.
  5. The surgery is pretty expensive. I regret it.
  6. Make sure you got max 8 too and service pack 1 and 2 which you can get on the autodesk site.
  7. I've been using max since about Max 6 (they are up to max 8 now). Theres a lot of concepts in 3d that are a bit wierd - but once you get your head around the basics you can do some awsome stuff. Check out http://www.cgtalk.com and the forums there, You can find lots of usefull tutorials there. Hunt down and download some training dvds on the pirate bay or something. You can find good dvd titles on the cgtalk site- just copy and paste their names into what ever your downloading thing is (torrents ect). Any questions just post em here.
  8. So did Mr. Jobs sell off his %50.7 share of the company?? Thats a lot of cash.. Ive heard that John Lasseter is going to be heading all of disneys creative department. Which is a REALLY good thing. if its true.
  9. http://www.mrtwig.net As soon as an episode airs- this site will have a torrent and tracker up for it in less than minute. It also has every season, specials and more. p.s. scientologists are fuckin hallariously scary. hyperlink for the lazy to mrtwig.net
  10. This race stuff is so cyclical its fucking making me dizzy. My old roomates brother was the whitest guy I've ever met. He was all about being buisness all the time and being a slob and cheating on his girlfriend. He'd also get embarresed and get angry at you if you were at the "club" with him and drinking a domestic beer. This douche made some of the WORST hip hop tunes I have ever heard. I think instead of him not being allowed to make rap and hip hop because he is white- he should not be allowed to because he really sucks at it. That goes for everything.
  11. Tom has Scientology on his side. He could fucking battlefield earth Crowe WITH travolta kneeling behind for the school yard knock down.
  12. This whole thread just makes me wonder: Tom Cruise vrs Russel Crowe in a fight? Who would be the wiener?
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