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  1. 20k posts? How could anybody spend that much time on this site? Happy b-day though.
  2. ffs, someone needs to learn decent sentence structure.
  3. Graffiti ruined my life in many respects, but remains an integral part of my life. I wouldn't allow my kids to become graffiti writers though.
  4. Fuck yeah. Then after some time passes, you end up back at the spot to finish your shit, while trying to keep a steady head/hand when a bunch of pigs are driving through every so often... and still getting away depsite it all. Damn, those memories always put a smile on my face. ;)
  5. Prolly kinging the 'burbs one sharpie tag at a time.
  6. Just install some games in your Ti.
  7. ummm..yeah..clam chowder homie? 1996? Quoted post [/b] :haha:
  8. Yeah back in highschool I liked all my math classes, even got an B+ in AP calculus. Then after a 2 year break from math, I take calculus this semester in college and now I'm on the verge of withdrawing to save my gpa. So it looks like summer session is necessary. I knew I shouldve taken the life sciences calculus instead of with the engineers. I don't see why a year of calc is required for medical school anyway. :rolleyes2: I blame alcohol.
  9. caffeine


    Nah kid heres the best advice you're ever gonna recieve: Just quit aready. Nobody wants to look at toy work, unless it provides comedic relief. Otherwise just stick to whatever "original" name you come up with. No matter what the name is, chances are its already been used by someone better than you somewhere sometime. In any case, expect to fight for the name until you can paint a teH d0p3 lEtt3Rz d0oD.
  10. Does anyone else feel that skateboarding nowadays is just a constant battle against losing tricks and trying to retrieve old ones back? When I was more active, back in highschool, I would learn new tricks every week. Now I always feel like focusing my board when I can't pop a clean treflip all day. Skating is still fun though.
  11. I like that Darko b/w. Alot of action in those letters. "Show me your tits!!" lol, good shit man.
  12. Yeah I'm down for this. Holdempoker.com sounds like a good idea. It only takes like a minute to register.
  13. So I stopped by in this one random items shop in chinatown and found a few 2oz bottles of sanford roll-on stamp pad, quick dry ink, but in violet. Up th that point I never came across them before, and they looked pretty old too. So i obtained and few and was wondering if anyone has experience with this ink. Stuff any good? Im only hoping its like the sanford roll-on permanent black ink. Niggas know. P.S.- Anyone got any suggestions for easily popping out those roller balls in those type of containers? I broke many things trying to get them out before. And more inportantly lost alot of of ink in the process.
  14. So I just seen Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas. Yeah old news for most of you, but a friend of mine told me to check it out so I finally did. I thought it was a great movie. Anyway I read somewhere Hunter S. Thomas, the auther of the book the movie is based on, died recently, like a few weeks ago. He commited suicide I believe. When time permits I plan to read some of his other work. Any suggestions?
  15. And bump for that Soker sketch. Looks damn clean. For some of the new peeps, if you can draw nice sketches with just black and white, you probably got some good letter stucture starting to develope. The colors combinations and effects should come after gaining decent letters, imo. So save your ink. Oh and definately change your name "Brute".
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