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  1. Make your mark in society, not on society.
  2. I agree with Mr Hope on the cleaning end. Thats why i dont bust mine out more often. I have an aztek. Its cheap but it gets the job done. Made of plastic. I had a metal one back in the day that i think was a pelican.... maybe. But the cleaning kinda sucks.
  3. Yeah, go dan, the little citys for sale were awesome. Denver denver denver. As for evan, I like the riviera sign and the highlife bottle the best. Oh, and the mustang was cool too.
  4. I love this guy. The movie better be black and white.
  5. holy-wow. Thats amazing. Really good.
  6. BruceWayne


    That "Doin Freights" hopper is hot. Maybe Im a sucker for flaming backgrounds.
  7. Hey Slut Head, That babble sketch is Funky Fresh (oxymoron) it doesnt seem like something you'd do, but then again it does ill go wallow in my confusion.
  8. Agreed^^^ Those pes jawns are crazy kool.
  9. oh... my bad, should have thought before i spoke, i want that dudes tan line.. ha ha
  10. xbox yo al if you want an xbox but noone buys you one and you end up getting one yourself, you should holler at me first, my pal does moded ones and has many a disc burned, including snes and genisis emulators, weve been hooked on Gradius III completly shitty but still kick ass.http://www.digitpress.com/dpsightz/arcade/gradius3.png'>
  11. hmmm well im sure that the final fantasy game wont live up to those cool ass illustrations, but what im curious about is that batman year one movie. happy b al
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