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  1. stratodab- thanks for the comments. ckit- west LA. i tried pming you, but it did not work. im busy, but we should work something out. anyone know what program to use so i can upload the RAW images on to my mac? im using iphoto, but it does not seem to register the RAW files.
  2. iv been lazy about getting stuff on here. where are the LA photographers at? im down to shoot. i have a lot more studio stuff of this chick, but iv been lazy to resize. keep it up everyone. philth- i like those both a lot. the black and white one looks much more aged. could be a bit more contrasty. the color one pops a lot. they might look really good next to eacht other in frames actually. cek- flower is really nice. so is that sunset. kloce- i like those feet a lot. dirty neg or what?? the one of the chick is also really nice. good movement. i thought we are always " still" learning... philth-the brick wall straight on with the color balanced one is sick. interesting idea for a series. samee set of pictures with diff color balances. jjc- the portraits are nice. those colors too. photoshopped? white ox- the first set, im kinda lost. you know what you are doing, but subject seems a little lost. the flowers and the bridge is nice. seems a little flat/dark though, color balance up a bit? stratodab- those poloroids are funny. seems like you are really highlighting a lifestyle. would be a cool set. wish i had time to comment more. ill be back soon keep it up everyone
  3. resize the pictures bangout. waaay too big
  4. found one more... 8mp huih? thats pretty good. how is that lense treating you? happy shooting
  5. cekone- i like the last two. i esp like the texture on the wood. next time when posting images, hit a couple spacebars between your pictures. this way they wont be sqwished together. cacash- what camera did you get? ckit- was your film a high ISO? looks grainy and pretty high contrast. i like the one of the road, the phone, and the shadow/window. the phone looks really blwon out, was it overexposed? philth- you can cut down costs by not gettting prints and only getting negitives and/or a contact/proof sheet. this way, you can see what pictures you want prints of. the only problem is if you decide you want prints of all of them, then it will be more expensive. UNLESS, you know someone or can print color prints yourself.
  6. on my new camera. tell me what chall think 20 dizzzle
  7. whoa guys slooow down. im gonna catch up, im just having some issues. maybe yall can help i got a cannon 20d and its working great, the only problem is that it isnt syncing up to my computer. i have a powerbook and i have installed all the software that came with the camera and downloaded the updates via software updater. i tired mulitiple different usb cables, im not sure exactly what program i should upload the flicks with. with my other cameras it loaded automatically. should i call mac? heeeeelllp!!! am i the third fixie in here?
  8. mac attack i felt it wasnt right to comment with posting a photo. digital.handheld.quickcrap
  9. jessicat- i have almost the same pictures of that geometric building. what is your deal?? the candels, i liek that a lot, but it would be nice with a longer exposure. the last one of the building, really sick. bravo. how did you get your borders? cekone- i like your selective focus, but it would have been cool to focus on that black object or somthing out of the ordinary. IMO. what do you mean your "photo place ruined..."? ckit- really nice, digital? that would be nice blow up way huge, with tons of detail. philth215- water loooks good. "clean" someone else said. on point.
  10. these are from a portrait photo class i took this semester. my school is very well equipt the class was almost all studio lighting, so thats what these are. my scanner did a terrible job. anyone know why they come out so pixelated? thecarwreck...i really like those two first ones. your choice of the framing came out really well. i think i was confused about the way to make borders. i got it all figgured out now tho. thanks
  11. can any do the quick lesson and borders again. i cant remeber how to do it without just resizing the canvas. thanks
  12. shipping bins are the shiiiit some really quality stuff on this page. photoflashfocusrecord- i really like that tree shot..niiiccee.. jbrshmonster- power lines, abstractly ill ourladyqueenofsorrows- the colors you get are great. keep shit up ladies and gents
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