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Old Movie Appreciation

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Post your favorite old movies and why:


Dr. Strangelove: This shit is just a classic and its funny. That will be all.


Clockwork Orange: I love this movie, most people don't get the sarcasm, but its pretty good if you do. The commentary on life is great and the only person with any sense is the bum that they beat up. Watch out for him.


The Warriors: I've only seen it once but its great. The scene where they're all together at the meeting is great. One of the best movies of this kind. The gang with the baseball stuff is too gangster. And when they get back to Coney Island yup.


Lawnmower man: Great science fiction movie, the scene where he freaks out is great.


Shaft: I had to put this on here, shaft was too cool...


Fareinheight 451: Great film also, 1984 feel..


There will be more, post yours...

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my favorite movie of all time is Shawshenk Redemption..


That movie is definetly jesus knees.... for sure..

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Guest 455

^^^^fuck yeah....



The French Connection 1 and 2

The Seven-Ups

All of the "Dirty Harry" movies and Eastwood's spaghetti westerns

The Driver

The Godfather series

Taxi Driver

A panic in Needle Park(Al Pacino...1971)

anything with Pam Grier

Shaft/Shaft's "Big Score" and Shaft in Africa


Coolie High


The Mack

Maximum Overdrive


The Shining

The Honeymoon Killers(Tony Lo Bianco..1968)


The Mechanic(Charles Bronson..1972)

Death Wish 1 and 2

McQ(John Wayne...1974..Seattle,Washington)



hell yeah.....hahaha.....I was just watching "Quicksilver"......remember that shit?.....

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You're all a bunch of fucking assholes You know why?

you don't got the guts to be what you want to be

You need people like me

You need people like me, so you can point you're fucking fingers and say that's the bad guy,

so... what's that make you good?

Your not good, you just know how to hide

me, I dont have that problem,

me, I walways tell the truth

even when I lie

so say good night to the bad guy go on,

it's the last time youare ever gonna see a bad guy like this again

let me tell you

go on

make way for the bad guy,

theres a bad guy comin through better get out of his way!

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the treasure of sierra madre

the night of the hunter

dr strangelove

a clockwork orange


harold and maude

easy rider

willy wonka and the chocolate factory

mosquito coast



yep. i know theres more

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citizan kane-fucking orson wells at his best


harold and maude-suicide attempts-o-rama


the conversation-look at how young harrison for looks!


yellow submarine-acid trippppppppppppppppppppp

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Lord Of The Flies...

i can remember seeing this yrs! ago and bakck then it was pretty good but yeah pretty full on if your a youngster

and.....The Shining

wouldnt mind seeing theses again as i cant remeber most parts of them!

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I almost bought Bullitt tonight at f. meyer for 999, heres some more for you..




Ghost (No Homo, best romantic movie I've seen)

Not that old, but Tombstone. Gangster.

Unforgiven is also a gangster western. When he kills all those guys.


Does anybody know the name of that John Wayne flick where he's the fighter pilot? My grandpa is in that I want to get it for him..


Speaking of airplane movies, does anybody remember the name of that one where its the crews last flight before they retire, and they go over enemy lines and dude gets shot but its only his vest, and they come home. Something Alabama or something?

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Fly Leathernecks and Memphis Belle...


455 if you are who I think you are we onced talked about the closing scene of The Warriors at 4 in the morning on dudes couch and then watched the new Kanye West/Twista/Jamie Foxx video? Are you who I think you are?

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and i thought we were talking about classics here. :nope:

what about

*Rear Window



(ok, any al hitchcock for that matter)


I also remember watching Sayonara with my mom when i was little and liking it...


*night of the living dead

*Streetcar Named Desire

*The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (?)


*carnival of souls


thats all for now....for the real old movies.

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The Lost Boys



Taxi Driver




Back to the Future

Raiders of the Lost Arc

Spinal Tap


Some Like It Hot

The Outsiders

Blazing Saddles

Drugstore Cowboy

The Birds

Rosemary's Baby

My Fair Lady

The Princess Bride


ok so i love movies!!!

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