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  1. my favourite ale drink it at room temperature
  2. I work for a major british bookies.
  3. the who - eminence front not a big who fan personally, but I like this track. ******spelling******
  4. rice is good for breakfast
  5. gamblers grin check your email bruv
  6. I'll be in manhattan from the 27th, somebody reccomend bars/pubs/nuhhh to me. All the guides I can find seem pre-occupied with pretentious white belt womens jeans on men type shit.
  7. The women in the flat next door just got wireless. internet without cost. beautiful.
  8. it was ok. v's dialog was a bit laboured. natalie portman's english accent was shite.
  9. getting spat at by a swedish slapper is terrifying.
  10. why the fuck did you get that tattoo?
  11. american beer :yuck: :yuck: :yuck: :yuck:
  12. coke is the white women's drug. mans round here smoke peng. Quoted post it was a joke there lil buddy Quoted post [/b] na joke blud.
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