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  1. Lookin to see how many of you want to see this. I'll put a torrent up if enough people want it. Bandwidth is no issue for me. edit: Bleep torrent. 4gb dvd rip.
  2. Costco brand white t-shirts are as designer as I get.
  3. where can i get one of these in the states?
  4. the man the myth the legend. made by yours truly.
  5. Smart AND has perfect breasts. How can you beat that. :love3:
  6. Found out it was some lady who had a stroke. So the people on that server decide to have a "funeral" in game. The event was notified on WoW forums and the wrong guys happened to read it. They proceed to the funeral and wreck shit being that most people at the funeral were on the opposing side.
  7. WoW Funeral. So some guy dies in real life and they hold a funeral in game... And then everyone gets their shit wrecked. A+ for awesome assholeness.
  8. Sick, didn't know anyone here followed dorifto. Actually got myself a white '90 S13. dorifto crew #001
  9. like 8-9 shots of the Captain. but then again im asian and i smoke more than i drink.
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