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  1. :haha: :haha: word to evak my hot love slave...the fuck were they doing in seattle..kids get around
  2. looks like you caught one of the same lines of freights as i did...
  3. posting these for k0tt0nkandyandp0psicles because apperantly he's haveing trouble..
  4. my neighbors play reggae music loud enough to hear it at the top of my street, they play it all day, every day wile they build furniture out of their garage or fix cars. once or twice a week they have partys with cars lined up the street (blockign everyone else in their driveways) and party loonng into the night, regardless of what day it is. but we shalnt forget the people who like to ignor their dogs behind us. they bark all day and early in the morning for attention.
  5. those peices say HUNT not kunt. and were painted by kwest.... good effort though...
  6. who si this handsome devil i see running up and down the lines in my yard..if i catch this kid he's gonna get a serious beatdown!!!!!! oh and those kwest freights are the hotness.. $nake$
  7. her name is tubby ive got 2 more cats, one of which is blind in one eye..but no pictures of them right now
  8. guess what i was listening to when i signed up for 12oz....
  9. Easy E


    ..under tracks?? r.i.p
  10. i dont know any 12ozer's can i draw myself???
  12. my phone is the same way, gets no reception in my house, but i can see a tower from my backyard, i have to go outside to talk on the phone
  13. i already knew most of those, and some of them are incorrect.
  14. since when do our cops not carry guns?? i guess those are just water pistols in their holsters then. :rolleyes:
  15. when ever i try to send pictures from the phone to e-mail, they never work :crying:
  16. both me and my dad will drop everything and run to the t.v. when there's a new mythbusters on....awesome show
  17. Easy E

    Beltons one

    anything flourecent is going to suck, regardless of the brand
  18. best advice in this thread if it aint fun your doing something wrong, or shouldnt be writing anymore
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