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  1. oh cool. switched names.
  2. homeland security degrees. DEGREES IN HOMELAND SECURITY. i cant even imagine the classes you'd be taking. maybe accounting, basic math helps no matter what industry you are in.
  3. basically make all your lines go different ways and a bunch of art fags will think its the new shit and you'll be seeing that shit used by hella freight writers in about a week.
  4. Re: Being me is sad: I couldn't get laid in a crackhouse w/ a fist full of 100's :( anyone who buys shit for their valentines.... will you be my valentine? if yes, pm me for the po box to send my shit to.
  5. i aint got nobody that i can depend on
  6. so recently, after about a 5 year hiatus, i went snowboarding again. and i decided i need to go a lot more. im going to wait until summer before i purchase anything but im basically looking for a freeride board (160+lbs) any suggestions? neighborhood of 300-400 cash money. i really like lib tech, but them shits be expensive son. burton seems to be an obvious choice. errr. yeah. specifics are better because i have no real idea about what the fuck is up with snowboards. awesometastic.
  7. he doesnt know what hes talking about, he just throws around cliche terms and phrases hoping to seem down. is that a good enough response?
  8. i swear some of you are they gayest homosexuals on the face of this planet. and not rage gay, but stupid gay.
  9. you are looking through some biased eyes. i know harsh bmb but that doesn't sway my opinion. harsh bmb and harsh fs don't seem that much better than each other to me. they both pull out some decent stuff. please, send me harsh.fs shit that is amazingly better than anything you've seen harsh bmb do. and about dude painting longer. harsh bmb was hitting streets before he got into freights. dude didnt even hear of harsh.fs before he got into freights. he might have heard of him now, i wouldn't know i haven't talked to him since i moved. so yeah, please, pm some shit that shows harsh.fs is "waay fucking better" than harsh bmb.
  10. nah, i dont have that problem at all.
  11. post it on http://www.myg0t.com if it's still up.
  12. flowing - dont listen to spade you have the right idea with the letters. just keep drawing. and your hand style is fine. stick to cursive but take out all the bullshit.
  13. no where on these forums are you allowed to post stuff like this. and my prices are rediculous, you couldn't afford it... I just wanted to see if you had your shit together and had a price in mind. apparently not.
  14. the words i give you is "triscuits are fucking good"
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