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  1. nah, these cats need to be sent to a gulag or someshit in siberia where they chop wood all day in -20 weather
  2. Regardless of what you think of Fidel Castro the fact remains, he attacked civilians in Venezuela, he plotted to bomb a auditorium in Panama, which had Panamanian students in it at the time. During the Cuban Revolution, auditoriums with students were not targeted by the Revolutionists, neither were commercial jetliners. I'm not sure how the government and people like you can use double standards and "condemn" terrorism when it comes from an Arab, but when it comes from a guy who doesnt like Castro its ok. Bin laden didnt like Sadaam either.
  3. wow right now the gas station 2 blocks from my house is $1.98 which is real good, last week it was 2.35
  4. corporations dont have ethics it gets in the way of their profits.
  5. eh, genetically modified rice cant be worse than the mcdonalds i eat all the fucking time.
  6. WHEN YOU SEE ME DUN, NEW GUNS, MONEY AINT A THANG This is the crack you were refering to.
  7. A Cuban exile, accused by President Fidel Castro Havana of plotting to kill him, is preparing to apply for asylum in the United States, his lawyer says. Luis Posada Carriles managed to cross illegally into the US from Mexico, lawyer Eduardo Soto said. Mr Castro called Mr Carriles, 77, "a monster" comparable to Osama Bin Laden, and demanded to know how he had breached US border security. He is also wanted in Venezuela over the bombing of a Cuban airliner in 1976. Seventy-three people were killed in that attack. Mr Carriles once boasted of being responsible for a series of bomb attacks of Havana tourist spots in the 1990s. In hiding Five years ago he was arrested in Panama and accused of plotting to kill Fidel Castro during a summit there. He was convicted of a lesser charge, but was later pardoned and freed by the outgoing Panamanian president - causing Cuba to break off diplomatic relations. Since then he has been in hiding. Mr Soto said he crossed the US-Mexican border some weeks ago, but would not reveal his whereabouts. In a three-hour appearance on television on Monday, Mr Castro raged: "It is as if Bin Laden were in the United States and the US president did not know." Mr Soto says his client will apply for asylum on Wednesday. He says that his application will be based partly on his claim that he worked "directly and indirectly" for the CIA for years, and has thus helped US interests. (source) I wonder what the government will do about this gentleman, who is sought by different governments for carrying out terrorist attacks on innocent civilians. We shall see....
  8. ^^^ hahahhahahahhahahahahaha
  9. dojafx

    Sin City

    thats a nice jacket
  10. On Leonard Peltier: Link "Amnesty International considers Leonard Peltier to be a political prisoner whose avenues of redress have long been exhausted.... Amnesty International recognizes that a retrial is no longer a feasible option and believes that Leonard Peltier should be immediately and unconditionally released." -- Amnesty International, April 6, 1999
  11. ^Not really if "our" laws didnt apply to them Leonard Peltier would be a free man right now
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