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  1. To be fair the people in this thread are the only ones keeping graff alive in West London. Keep on keeping on please.
  2. QCrisp

    On my travels

    I've got an absolute shed load but My IT department has got rid of my photo editor , bastards.
  3. THis is all getting very freaky now. I too saw that panel on tuesday night buffed, which was the very same panels i saw unbuffed at bollo lane when that guy jumped in front of a train
  4. LISTEN UP> Everone should go ride the north london line from richmond to hackney, The amount of tracksides and history / quality pieces i saw the other day was just amazing. SOOOOOOO much colour! CHECK IT OUT NOW, before it gets buffed like everything else
  5. Quoted post [/b] RIP your friend loco. The panels were on the train in question. It would have made a good picture because there was so much going on around it like a helicopter, fire engines, police and loads of people and the panels were really nice were just sat in the middle minding their own business with everthing going on around.
  6. I turned up at Bollo lane crossing yesterday and some bloke had jumped in front of a north london line train. There were loads of police and fire engines and a helicopter. The guy was covered by tent. Dont think he was dead. People were using a ramp to get off the train and then i noticed two nice panels, one by snot and not sure about the other. Perhaps a tad disrespectful but it would have made a cracking picture, but guess what. I DIDNT HAVE MY CAMERA WITH ME...!!!!! :hatred: :hatred: :hatred: And now my local tube station is getting bombed . WHEN WILL IT ALL END!!!!!
  7. QCrisp

    Olympics 2012

    Bollocks. :shook: :shook: :shook: :shook: :shook: :shook:
  8. QCrisp

    Olympics 2012

    Shit , 7 minutes to go. I haven't had rushes like this since i used to go raving.
  9. 45 minutes until judgement day I have a feeling that if we win the bid you could kiss the illegal Graffitti scene away until 2015. i'll be like 35ish then, I am very depressed. Somebody please make it all better and convince me that winning the olympics will not mean the end of the Lndon Graff scene as we know it. (i'm not talking about trains because they never run them anyway) Am i just being a big crybaby? God i wish i was born in 1970 things would have been so different
  10. Work Ethic = Bloody Brilliant. Style = Shoddy. Respect is due though.
  11. Okey dokey, here is the lenghty version: If you look on some of the UK threads, sometimes when discussion wanders onto a specific topic or writer, FOR EXAMPLE lets say the crew "NT", there always seems to be one person who posts the phrase; "Allow NT" What does this phrase mean ?
  12. Babyshambles : Killamangiro. Anyone going to Reading Festival this Year?
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