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  1. i heard that when the pope dies they hit him in the head three times really hard with a silver hammer and shout his name three times to make sure hes dead.......weird stuff
  2. bleeding through- rise circa survive- suspending disbeleif beloved- death to traitors murder city devils- bride of the elephant man rifles at recess- heroes vs. harlots minus the bear- monkey!knife!fight! madball- pride death threat- dead at birth casey jones- if your smoking in here you better be on fire bury your dead- vanilla sky capn jazz- take on me (cover)
  3. fat people piss me off
  4. ugg boots are definately more stupid then this thread, those things are comfortable but fucking UGLY. especiially when girls where them with miniskirts, or with jeans, or at al. i just want to slap them and choke them with my penis.
  5. converge most precious blood 25 ta life comeback kid bury your dead..........shut up i love them.
  6. i dont think its as good as de-loused in the crematorium, but its still a great record.
  7. eating good vegan food night time boogie boarding listening to music that make me want to move riding bicycles smelling that new shoe smell playing the trumpet making your voice sound like a dying pig by screaming into a microphone just right.
  8. ok so there is this punk rock maggot mother fucker that keeps talking shit about me, my crew, and friends that were recently killed in a tragic car accident. we have been waiting to get him for a while because he always runs and hides like a little biitch. my friends band was having a show, me and 5 of my friends are just hanging around when we discover that this kid is just down the street at an UNSEEN show, we decide to pay him a visit. so we get there and i think to myself...is this really a good idea? getting in a fight with a punk rocker after a show all about punk unity and all that bullshit? well i decided i didnt care, this kid was going down. so we see him, and like the little bitch he is, he runs and hides behind the venue. we go around the venue and see that he has a crowd of about 20 crusty mother fuckerss ready to fight us. so we walk up to them and tell them who we want and why, and they are all drunk and yeling shit like FUCK YOU STRAIGHT EDGE MOTHER FUCKERS, STRAIGHT EDGE HOLOCAUST RIGHT NOW, and i was confused because nobody on my side ever said anything about straight edge. Then this huge dirty skinhead cheapshots my friend and we start to brawl, now keep in mind its something like 5 vs 20 with tons of people watching. at first i thought we were gonna lose for sure becuase every one of my friends and myself are fighting 3 or 4 at once, but it was relatively easy because they were drunk, slow, and sucked at fighting. but the little bitch we come to get isnt even fighting, hes just standing there watching until my boy has 7 trying to get him down and the fucker decides to pull a knife, thats when we heard someone yell cops and we all scattered. so we regroup and count our injuries, one of my friends has a hurt finger and the other cant remember shit, so we go to the hospital and get all that worked out. i am now figuring out that on the OTHER side, there are about 5 kids with broken noses, jaws, heads and what not. and a ton of others bitching about getting beat. I guess the kid we wanted to get went and told his crust friends that we wanted to fight becuase we were straight edge and they were drunks and to them that meant war, which is a juvenile way to think. most of my closest friends are far from straight edge and i could give a fuck what you want to do to yourself. we fought because he was saying some horrible horrible things about people that we loved. he is a lyer and a worthless human. one day he is going to pay for being such a pussy and hiding behind his friends/
  9. listen to .... The Murder City Devils Aloha Saosin Piebald The Juliana Theory Promise Ring The Early November
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