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  1. happy beltane blessed be
  2. when im not busy being a bad volunteer, i laugh at flow
  3. i am so sick and tired of fabulous-ness and galmour im ready to shoot the next retard that encourages anything party monster
  4. i already am...but if you wanna move in thats cool, only if i can borrow all your pumas ....as for housing for UP i already told flow only if thier single!! ...i cant confirm anything about subv but i saw the supposedly new location, and yes its on st laurent
  5. long story short.... my roommate, who believes hes micheal alie from party monster, cant get his shit together. first going, then staying, then going, then staying, etc. anyways he decides to stay, after realizing that we do have a fucking awsome house and apartment hunting sucks ass (you see this is his first apartment and hes just a youngin). though first you should know about hows hes 2 months behind rent and bills. plus i was thinking the best way to get this money outta was to let him stay. so for two weeks we havent been looking for a new roommate. then i find out he doesnt have rent
  6. sorry about the *bump* but im still looking for a roommate arrrgggghhhhh
  7. mudhoney britney spears barbara stristand kenny g korn
  8. BackSeatBebe


    wine in spagetti sauce is really nice mmmm....i love beer, tomatoes and mussles boiled together
  9. mr i live in the middle of no-where, is where you live even considered montreal!?!? and just because you live beside the train yard doesnt make your house cheaper and better....wait, shit it does ps anyone see the anti graffiti campaign goin on on st laurent blvd?! now thats a joke so thats $367 a month ps my apartment is a 3 bedroom and i quit... yes (sometimes even nothing), yes, and no and devilush, you can come visit whenever you want
  10. some one was telling me the other day that photograhy paper works really well. anyone try this before? better than asatate paper or laminatining?
  11. BackSeatBebe


    ok...im looking for a roommate. sorry this isnt excatly the right place for an ad, but Im tired of creepy people answering the newspaper ad. anyways, i live downtown montreal in a beautifully renovated 6.5. washer and dryer, $367, if you want more info email me ps any artists looking to exhibit their canvases, i work at www.subv.net and were always looking for new artists
  12. nope frienster rocks, and my space is only yank friendly...us canadians have to suffer alone with no search criterias
  13. just cut off my dreads so i have about 4-5 inches of wavy dark blode hair
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