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warning off topic bullshit ahead


Originally posted by XxSugarxX

you newjacks..


thats funny




for all the shit you've talked, now you're clowning yourself


if it's about who's new, you lose

ever wonder why everyone knows tease?

he's been around this board for a long ass time


....and kilo, and shit, me too


don't make us break out our old screen names on your ass..


now that's successful!

registered August 2000


now go suck a lollipop girl

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^ now that was laying it all on the table.


Unless you remember when tease was know as IBTease, or at least cmeup,

then you really dont know the story.

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pretty good thread


i let it sit on the table for a couple of days before i checked it.


my standards for myself are so high that i doubt i'll ever reach a phase where i will consider myself a success, despite some of my paper and "real" accomplishments. i don't ever want to compare myself to others, nor do i want to always feel incomplete- i just want to keep moving, always. i'm "regular-dudeing it," with a steady-like forward motion til i die.

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Success to me can't be measured by a few obtainable goals in the future. What happens after you reach those? you become content and bored? I view success as more of a life long quest. I have many goals I have accomplished and I have many goals I would like to accomplish but when I reach those goals and along the way to reaching those I will set new goals. And my goals now will only be a small part in my overall success. And as long as I am doing that and reaching deeper within myself and continually challenging myself I will consider myself a success. When I stop trying to better myself and my life then I will become worried that my success is fleeting.

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