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  1. Zes

    The Babble

    just some more random stuff that was on my computer wheatpasting in canadian winters is a joke three layer screen print. unfinished wall
  2. not really a channel zero head, but i come on the boards quite often still and loved the thread. come to think of it, its not really graffiti at all either, but take it for what its worth.
  3. Zes

    fahrenheit 911

    on your previous comment ithink that it is very commendable that he inspried many young people to vote... however, that being said i was pissed off when he came to the toronto film festival and tried to tell canadians who to vote for. critisize your system and your leaders all you want, but do not come into another country and try to sawy individualsa votes in an election that you have no right to/ has very little effect on you.
  4. Zes

    fahrenheit 911

    i most definitly would have to agree. the more and more i read and learn about moore the more i dislike that fat idiot.
  5. energiiie jeans with some extra sandinnng, with a white old navy long sleeve shirrrt. overtop is an 'old man' burberry jacket with dunk lows on the feet. pockets ahve a lighter and a wallet containing various cards and 15 or so bucks cashhh. that is all.
  6. it all comes down to how you like your jeans to fit i think. i prefer fairly tight jeans so girls jeans work well for me. i agree with seeking on cut is a big difference. a long crotch is something i've enver enjoyed to much, so by wearing lower rise womens jeans it helps cut down on this problem with for me. and for seeking if you don't want tight jeasn i'd suggest still checking out girls pants but most likely your'll be happier with mens. my suggestion would be checking out the diesel zathans, or the diesel raboxs. there both a bit of a straight leg not to tight, not baggy jean.
  7. girls sevens are definitly a nice fitting jean. the giys are a little bit baggier, i don't like them as much. if your looking for tighter fitting jeans i'd offer a few suggestions. if your down with picking up some diesels i'd look into the hushes. they are a female pant, but i know tons of guys who wear em and they fit quite well on guys. there definitly a lower fit andthe legs are quite nice. if your looking for some cheaper jeans i suggest you go check out gap women stretch boot cut. there definitly a pant for guys who like tighter pants, but the fit is quite good. there also alot ch
  8. evisu is hot stuff, without a doubt. however its nearly impossible to get it in my city. if your really into denim i'd check out with ag denim. i can't pronouce the guys name but he makes some incredible jeans. he was one of the top dudes at diesel before starting up his own label. he has jeans that have only one seam on the leg, and possibly some of the softest material there is. another brand that i tried recently and really enjoed was nudie jeans from sweden i belive (but correct me if i'm wrong.) they have a very nice fit to them, as well as a pretty decent wash. my friend went on
  9. i personally think this is one of the best threads in a long time. developing a sense of humour may make you appreciate it.
  10. i think we should guess peoples age when they post there photo. i'll start the ball rolling with tramp being 23 and gamblersgrin 21. keep the flicks comingggg
  11. http://images1.nexopia.com/users/1942/1942445.jpg'> why yes, i am that scene.
  12. what would you, (or any one else that reads this) want in return to send me a pair of brass knuckles?
  13. Zes


    http://www.norco.com/bikes/2004bikes/images/one25.jpg'> christmas present this year... anyways looking for a cheap(er) road/fixed gear for strictly riding around the city streets... any suiggestions as to what brands or certain things i hsould be looking for would be quite aprecaited.. thanks in advance pic seems to not work... heres the link http://www.norco.com/bikes/2004bikes/images/one25.jpg
  14. fagboy? whatta dissapointment. i seriously hope you ahve something better then that 2blazed. come on, load up your pic tough guy. show me how to dress in your rough ass exco and sean john
  15. the weak chin is a combination of baby fat and heriditaryness (severly doubting thats a wordut you get the idea) no i'm definitly not popgun, and can assure you its very doubtful he is lurking around the boards right now. as for the douchebag comment, refer to my first post regarding only responding to insults that one would have to be over the age of 12 to make up. come back when you have something more orginal/entertaining. without either of these please refrain from a response.
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