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  1. thanks guys and gals. i'll take whatever consolation i can get, even it is from total strangers online :sigh: so tell me this... what does it mean when said male text-es me in the wee hours of the morning drunk? he's done this twice this weekend at 3/3:30AM; doesn't saying anying of consequence, just random stuff like, good night <insert endearment> or i'm drunk... man. this sucks. i'm an overthinker by birth. so trying to figure out what his motivations are... bleh. only way i can survive is to think he's just another player fuckin with me to make himself feel better. but the rom
  2. lol. you know what Glik0, you're right. more than anything, i just think we both didn't know how to handle the change... we have been close friends for over three years and never even made innuendos. so for us to become intimate... if anything, i think we are both scared we'll lose our amazing friendship. but i know we won't. we are very good friends :) i just think we both thought it would be easier than it was to be blasé about the whole situation, especially considering the distance between us... thank you all for the sweet words. you've lightened my disposition for sure. have a wonde
  3. thanks for the replys all. i had a wonderful birthday weekend and am just now catching up on my eLife. where to start? iloveboxcar... however amusing your arrogance is, i hear what you are saying and will take heed. i know he doesn't think i was trying to "corner" him... but i also know he knows i wanted more :) something he cannot offer. i understand that now. i understood it before we even progressed. i just let my hopes get up once i realized he was cooler than i had thought :p seriously though... just the fact that he flew down when he had just seen me two weeks earlier.. and
  4. i'm not :) ... for a "veteran", your response shows an astonishingly absurd amount of substance. i can see why you have over 5k posts ;) :n
  5. i haven't posted here in a while; never really even posted that much so hi again. got a question for you about sex and peaks and age and men and women. i'll be 28 tomorrow and this is alll i can think about. a few weeks ago i had a .. romantic interlude with one of my best friends... all i wanted to do was him, all weekend long. he, on the other hand, didn't. even though he just traveled over 600 miles to be with me. so... wtf?? i realize the fact the we were friends first makes it a little awkward, i mean, at one point he said he felt like he was belittling me.... ??? it wa
  6. [1] you've basically rejected her. people cannot seem to accept rejection and thus will try to keep gaining acceptance. like a dork you schooled who'll still buy you cookies. [2] take what you said and add it to what dee said about the whole hard-to-get-thug-guy BS. again, i think it just comes back to basic human behavior. people are intrinsically drawn to danger. be it a fire or a dick head or a woman who'll fuck you over in the end. RE: relationships understand the TYPE of person you are dealing with, and most importanty, the type pf person YOU are will help in finding
  7. Talk about a wet dream... Only one I recognize. Very well, I might add :yum: Antonio Sabato Jr. http://loopsnew.vwmafia.net/stoopid/yum/antonio2.jpg'> http://loopsnew.vwmafia.net/stoopid/yum/antonio1.jpg'>
  8. fluent pharsi broken spanish languages are fun. and i'm guessing we all learned 2nd languages by learning really naughty words and phrases. hahah. puta! :lol: :n
  9. loopsnew


    funny but not enough for its own thread so i just searched and added here. dunno why i'm explaining myself.... enjoy :lol: MORE <----
  10. loopsnew


    the best part... you read the torment of yesterday. and smile. that feels great. to know that what had once killed you just made you stronger. :n
  11. personally, i vote for a word filter so that everytime 'ola' is typed, it reads 'oye como va'. or 'buttmunch'... without ola, there would be no written word. well, atleast in india... random. i know. :n
  12. yeah? cool! small world. heh. not really. but still cool :) i don't think i'll make another one anytime soon. those jersey roads kill me. and traveling 16 hours every year has def taken its toll. bleh. and the "2-day" show was a real disappointment. you'd think they'ld do the autoX/ drag on a separate day. duh. tell me about it. only reason i haven't started a project. can't afford. and still want to learn more first. so what set-up/ ride do you have? a dub or your bro gonna mess with another civic? i still debate if i want show and go or just go once i do my project.
  13. yum. sleeper. my friend has a b18c1 with full leather GSR interior and a/c ;) same set up as ^^ as far as aesthetics. real understated. wouldn't even know. he's only broken 13's, though. civics are def fun cars... when done right. :n p.s. greddy bo is def dope. pshoooo. pshoooo. the whole car is just... fun.
  14. one of my all-time favorite soundtracks. i could listen to fallen ( who was it again? teenage fanclub and de la soul, yeah? ) over and over and over...you get the point :) :n
  15. just 3? hmmm... 1. amélie 2. delicatessen 3. wicked city
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