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  1. This is my favorite It tastes 1000X better on the island than it does here though
  2. Which drugs are the most addictive? This is a difficult question to answer because it depends upon a lot of factors in both the drug and the person who uses it. In an attempt to define clearly what is meant by addiction, and which drugs are the most addictive, Dr. Jack E. Henningfield of the National Institute on Drug Abuse and Dr. Neal L. Benowitz of the University of California at San Francisco ranked six psychoactive substances on five criteria. Withdrawal -- The severity of withdrawal symptoms produced by stopping the use of the drug. Reinforcement -- The drug's tendency to induce users to take it again and again. Tolerance -- The user's need to have ever-increasing doses to get the same effect. Dependence -- The difficulty in quitting, or staying off the drug, the number of users who eventually become dependent Intoxication -- The degree of intoxication produced by the drug in typical use. The tables listed below show the rankings given for each of the drugs. Overall, their evaluations for the drugs are very consistent. It is notable that marijuana ranks below caffeine in most addictive criteria, while alcohol and tobacco are near the top of the scale in many areas. The rating scale is from 1 to 6. 1 denotes the drug with the strongest addictive tendencies, while 6 denotes the drug with the least addictive tendencies. HENNINGFIELD RATINGS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Substance Withdrawal Reinforcement Tolerance Dependence Intoxication Nicotine 3 4 2 1 5 Heroin 2 2 1 2 2 Cocaine 4 1 4 3 3 Alcohol 1 3 3 4 1 Caffeine 5 6 5 5 6 Marijuana 6 5 6 6 4 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BENOWITZ RATINGS -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Substance Withdrawal Reinforcement Tolerance Dependence Intoxication Nicotine 3* 4 4 1 6 Heroin 2 2 2 2 2 Cocaine 3* 1 1 3 3 Alcohol 1 3 4 4 1 Caffeine 4 5 3 5 5 Marijuana 5 6 5 6 4 source http://www.druglibrary.org
  3. 1. capital one visa 2. discover 3. national city checking card 4. AAA Michigan card 5. HAP card 6. blue cross blue shield card 7. blockbuster card 8. the sharper image gift card 9. blockbuster card in boyfriends name 10. Bally Total fitness card 11. boyfriend’s business card 12. drivers license
  4. we're going to miami next march. this is just a short jaunt to kick off summer. you know just a group of couples who want to lay on the beach and get drunk at night while listening to good music.
  5. ok anyone know of a beach resort town on the east coast (not in florida) that the above comments wouldn't apply to? Large enough to have a couple good clubs where respected DJ's would actually play at.
  6. Going to Myrtle Beach in the early summer and need to know where I should stay so we're close to the best clubs. I'm thinking about staying in a hotel between 20th N and 30th N. Does any one have any input?
  7. Kettiecat


    hey more white men between the ages of 30 and 44 voted for bush than any other group
  8. hey don't forget the metro detroit area! we voted for Kerry don't leave us with all those ring wing bible thumping christian conservatives!! The atmosphere around U of M is depressing, one of my profs told us she was moving to canada next term....and meant it
  9. i don't like this... how can you be guilty of lying about a crime you didn't commit?
  10. I could have sworn the orignal name was "kentucky fried chicken" then they reduced it to the acronym and now they are "reinventing" what the acronym stands for. Of course its marketing, who wants their business 1. associated with Kentucky and 2. associated with "fried" I give it 25 years and they'll pretend "kentucky fried chicken" never existed
  11. i never asked for help or advice I was just airing a fucked up story and on a side note it was one of my fat friends that originally brought up the fat tax issue with me...
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