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Guest Pilau Hands

nice bobert and everyone, though i need to ask you a favor and re-host the first page's images so i can spahk them. fatcap has a timelimit, and yours is up


what happened today dude?

call meh

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barbie car + dead pigeon = gayest crap of all time.


however you are the master still bob even though your namesake is dead.


pilau how the fuck have you been son?



so today im going down rt 80 toward nyc and this faggot it a bmw cuts me off doing about a buckfifty (situation being that the last two months of my life have been total hell on earth.) so i decide to exact my rage and i give chase i catch up to this assfuck at the toll booths for the gwb, heavy traffic has caused the cars to come to a hault so i pull up next to him and get out...i approach his window and give a pleasent knock...he opens the window and i proceed to break his cheakbone with a blow to the face...neadless to say the police were called and i was almost arrested for assault until i told the cops the story and upon rnning this dicks plates they find he has all sorts of wreckless driving offenses so they let me go and arrest him......


sometimes life makes me laugh.

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anger manegment anyone?


god danm retard, sounds like some serios shit, but ...yet...strangely amusing, been a while.

...and easy on that barbiecar, that shit is largely my brainchild, and i'm amung one of the few remaining survivers of its downhill stunt runs.


bobbo, tell me if ya got the email...didnt seem to be workin. and if you have more of the brawler, i need them, ...didnt ever get the ones off of osimo's digi

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at some point i plan to rectify the issues in this thread and repost the some of the content.. unfortunately i didnt save alot of the stuff i scanned and uploaded. but ill get to it.


retard life sounds quirky.


abort aka gene hackman. call later tonight we will discuss certain policies and tendencies necessary to enact further plans. mobilization is key plus the establishment of self sustaining foundation for future recruitment and indoctrination.

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Originally posted by slimeball

This sucks. I rocked the RIP Bob Hope piece and got too pressed for time to post it up. That shit's collectin dust until next week.



And by the time you tell me to come look, the picture will be unavailable. You truly are a slimball, email me shit you herb and push Duct Tape

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