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  1. yo suki! When did you come back? you still livi in the L's? Don't tell me you chill at Delurkium and shit I havent been online in forever. Whats the news?
  2. most people would probably hit oprah if they could just to say. but shes actually hot! Habif injection!
  3. That Dersk NAKA shit is HOt Fyah. getting sick of pointy squiggly frisco graf
  4. keep talking and your not getting your data disc in the mail.
  5. This may or may not be in here already. But I need help with installing a downloaded version of maya 7.0 for Mac without sending my file to a pc keygen and back. has anyone successfully installed a mac version of maya from a download "for educational purposes only" who can help? Also, does soulseek work for mac's too? because I used it before with my PC, but to install the version from their homepage it says I dont have the correct application. Any help out there?
  6. word, ill check that thread, havent been on here in a minute. I'm just not trying to find a PC and do all that. thanks.
  7. Hey I need a little computer assistance. I have a G4 mac powerbook and am having a HELL of a time getting a downloaded copy of Maya to work "for educational purposes only." It takes serial numbers, registration numbers and tons more. But I've been finding it needs a keygen to a pc and then back to the mac to seal the deal. Does anyone have a succesfull Mac installation that would be able to give up some hints. Also, Im sick of limewire, kazaa etc. and was hoping to get back to soulseek. the slsknet.org one, not the imposters. but find the downloaded file can not be opened with any applications. Im not looking for a mac vs pc war, just some advice or helpful knowledge. holla if you hear me!
  8. hey, not sure if this is appropriate for this forum or not. if not, just close the thread. BUt I was hoping someone out there interested in 3d animation could help me out. I got the new Maya version 6.5 (for educational purposes only) and there about 5 numbers or authenticity checks necesarry to register. I have the serial and I think another, but there are some tricky ones that require sending them your email. Not to worried, just would rather skip this step. I also hear it is possible to use the version 6 ones if availalble. If any one has these installation codes it would be great if you could pass them on. Maya is just too damn tricky. Maybe I could swap a program in return. (for educational purposes only of course) Email me at holyoats@hotmail.com praise be to allah
  9. U2 lately, Id say depeche mode but Im not even ashamed
  10. I watched SFPD murder a crackhead on my doorstep with rifle buts to the head. All because he swallowed his rocks and this would make it very hard for the cops to prosecute. The news interviewed my roomates about it and for a while after the police were watching us and telling us to watch out before something bad happens. I have also had to wait 2 times to get in my front door while a crackhead injected heroin in his friends neck on my doorstep. I also saw a crackhead about 60 years old walking a baby down the street in a stroller while simultaneously throwing up nasty white shit on the street. Tenderloin SF. if anyone is interested you can do a google search for the porn movie called tenderloin crackwhores. but I must warn, its not for the weak of heart.
  11. I think you should get tough with them. Seriously, my chick did the same shit because I have friend girls and she was sad because guys only want to fuck her. She thought she met a few guys that liked her personality and shit but when shit got put in the air they all admitted and backed off. Guys arent friends with your girlfriend because shes cool even if she is. I say beat their asses, thats your girl, its not about her, its about them disrespecting you. Anyone who thinks I'm wrong read the part about how they act around him. All guys know that its true because most likely at some point in time they were that dude trying to creep in. Don't let it happen.
  12. Damn that photo is sick. Some of the sickest places I've been in my life are because of graffiti. That photo remainds me of creepin around in the eastbay in places that look like ghost towns and shit. Oh yeah and jail. anyway, nice flick.
  13. I'll bet you could finger bang a chick to death with your picture taking finger.
  14. Because you live in Canada and both your parents know you turned gay. your fake social security card is a waiting for you to grow balls.
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