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  1. if a moose wants to fuck whith me? i will kill at 400 yards with a rifle. if you mean mafia or gangs want to kill me? im allready safe. bring the moose...but if it dont kill me quick i will be bitter and seek retribution.
  2. im to young to do said deed. fuck with me and see what happens. im not legal. are you familiar with child prostitution?
  3. and saying that.... i am a very sincere nice gentleman. dont fuck with that.
  4. i done got passed out and taken in the 80's do not fuck with me. i will kill youl
  5. yeah nigguh...i finished a bottle today along with a lot more booze. i will fuck you up . drunk and truthful. dont fuck with me. i will kill you.
  6. nawww money. i was being polite. i have women in real life i want to fuck.
  7. you spelled my name wrong.
  8. food clothes and nice places to live. thank my folks for not killing you.
  9. maltliqourlive

    i admit

    i jacked off and had sex on the amtrak
  10. maltliqourlive

    i admit

    im a closet asassination consultant. if given the chance i will take goverments on the sly while retaining social intactness and shit. in the mean time till im murdered and they need me, i want to be a good Christian man that has a woman i love to fuck and im pretty sure the planet im from was destroyed. i like to provoke trouble and will cause it needlessly if i feel the need. in the meantime i would prefer a long term relationship with a very attractive woman that i am in love with. what you got on that?
  11. my homegirl Jen was in the army. she was deployed out that way in the mediterranian region. yeah god. stay up money....marry a italian woman if you get a chance.
  12. so what up dog? what you doing with you highly trained acredited self. you experience like what. your business is launching when?
  13. What up money? If your in San Francisco I will break my bank to get you drunk. best i can offer.
  14. raising a child is brutal. it can be anyway. i helped raise a child. i did a terrible job. that girl was as smart as me you know? her mom was a mad crazy deviant lesbian ho drama queen. she found Jesus and I was like yeah girl, lets hang them rosarys. you know though? i wish I would of called Jessica. Best wishes Desto...good lookin out on dealing with your moms. last I heard moms is payin 26 grand a year in loans to get that child a good education which is what i respect. childhood is a brutal time. i would never send my kid to public school. i refuse to have kids until i have a fulltime career with a wifey i am hopelessly in love with that can make money at home while raising our child. on weekends i will take the youngster riding in a old school.
  15. I called my Moms yesterday to wish her an early Moms Day. I love Moms. Moms is kinna gangster to. Nothing like a moms with street cred.
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