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Everything posted by lil'moco

  1. lil'moco


    The union is potentially getting charged one million a day. Not the MTA.
  2. lil'moco


    I have to catch a flight out of here at 6:00 am. Anybody know if the car services raised their prices too?
  3. lil'moco

    The Bible

  4. lil'moco

    The Bible

  5. lil'moco

    The Bible

    pushbuttonwarfare. I have no idea what that says but that last sketch is rediculous. Nice work.
  6. lil'moco

    The Bible

    Your killin' me ^
  7. lil'moco

    WHERE? can i find blank skate boards

    I've skated beercity blanks for almost 10 years you should be able to find them at local shops.
  8. lil'moco

    Neckface/Mark Gonzales Fans!!!

    I'm not sure if Mark Gonzalez and Neckface fit into the same category. Brownie points if you sell that board for 100 dollars.
  9. lil'moco

    He gets the rebound and passes to the man!

    Fuckin' hilarious! I don't know what else to say.
  10. lil'moco

    The Babble

    House in a box! Hilarity.
  11. lil'moco

    Every (oldschool) video game

    "faxanadu" was the shit.
  12. lil'moco

    Dennis Rodman vs. Moutain

  13. lil'moco


  14. lil'moco


    ^ yeah, thats areally unique spot.
  15. That's cool seek. If they get married you and jeru will be chillin' like in-laws.
  16. lil'moco


    whoahh! That building with all the tagged windows is pure destruction. A couple people were pissed of about that one. rugged.
  17. lil'moco


    That guy Ensoe really has his letter proportions nailed. Some nice spots so far.
  18. Why are people putting ".gif" after their responses. That' annoying for some reason.
  19. lil'moco

    Check this bear out.

  20. lil'moco

    505 AREA

    RIP Doc1.
  21. lil'moco

    SO ILL

    "carbondale or padukah KY". I wasn't aware that these places existed. Can't wait to see the damage Dank Roller!
  22. lil'moco

    Your Favourite Criminal

    The Zodiac was nuts. I read a book about him a long time ago and I remeber being really disturbed by his track record.
  23. lil'moco

    Graffiti Grapher

    Hip Hop prophecy?
  24. lil'moco

    Graffiti Grapher

    ha, that's awesome J. During my Geometry class last semester I always thought about doing a piece or themed production using algebraic and geometric formulas to define the letters. That site got bookmarked.
  25. lil'moco

    I'm a waiter at a restaurant.

    I just realized that I wait tables for a living! I'm so wrapped up with school that I don't have another option. Does anybody else have to do this bullshit to pay rent. It seriously sucks. Waisting my time, energy, and piece of mind in the service of others. On a plus side my boss is a lot like andrew dice clay. Including the accent.