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  1. Re: Don't Call it Frisco i emailed you you will not be disapointed
  2. Re: Don't Call it Frisco any one interested in about 300 or so pictures many panoramics from the city in 97 98 let me know i dont have time to post them but i will give them all to whoever wants them
  3. i have maybe about 300 or so photos from SF in 97-98 i am pretty sure i took a picture of everything that was up(except for the tunnels although i did some) i want to give these to some one there are a lot of panoramics let me know
  4. i have a collection of pictures from the san francisco area from 1997-1998. my wife and i took a picute of every thing in the area for this time so i have a lot of pictures they are all good quality and lots of panoramics. if any one is interested in having these please let me know. I just dont want these to go to waste there is a lot of history here. just call me00000000 thanks
  5. melty

    The 3D pages.

    Hey noum! Everything is still looking lovely as always. Keep it up.
  7. melty

    kona skatepark

    It may take some time but i will post something as soon as possible My digital camera is in oahu getting serviced.
  8. melty

    The 3D pages.

    Hey wh@t I like wh@t you have shown. Its a bit busy and the 3d on the last one gets lost in the end of the piece. Never the less I do see where you are coming from on these and hope that you keep more coming. Its a fairly common saying around here but simpler is better.
  9. Nice thread. i like shaun s dirty little style the best.
  10. melty

    az blackbook

    Good job keep the pics coming
  11. melty


    Re: ^^I'm sorry to here about your boy..I hope he makes a full recovery..
  12. if you need help with posting let me know I will help you.
  13. melty

    My Works!

    If only more people had better attitudes. Like yours.
  14. I like the first one alot and all the other ones as well. I like your style keep them coming!
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