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  1. Ok cracka vs. lEft_overs --- word is rise- whoever runs this shit hook it up.
  2. Who wants to battle ? Im down .If your down too hit me up on aim at uprisinofspring.
  3. cracka

    The Babble

    Al G.- really nice shit . I know this is a paper thread but it would be cool if you posted some painted shit from yourself .
  4. Best ewok piece so far in my opinion . Ill flow , sollid color scheme .
  5. fucking amen to that shit ...
  6. do you know why they look so chill?? ITS CUZ THEY ARE SCRAP TRAINS YA FUCKING DUMASS
  7. fucking dam right , god dam too many good people to name , omfg this just made my day , wait not even my week !
  8. Dam Sky Flax if you took all those pics in one day you must have taken a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong walk that day or atleast went through the whole W line , nice post though...
  9. cracka


    One of the most consistant ,originall ,and freshest writers that have overall inspired me. He tragickly fell off the brooklyn bridge and died , i have heard he was hitting shit up and slipped and i have also heard he was pushed off , but however it happened sane will always remain out there , even if it has to be done by his bro smith or friend cycle or just anybody who has been inspired by him,bottom line is ... R.I.P KING SANE he will live on forever.
  10. dam biting acet AND biting the background and colors lol cmon how obvious .
  11. all wak , also the last flik is brooklyn q line a very long time ago
  12. GOD DAM THIS POST IS ON FIRE... :gasp: :asma atack: :dies slowly:
  13. Re: Re: Off to Colllege! u fucking toy are you claiming to be down with the originall brooklyn BTS crew ,ive seen a few toys down but dam youre pathetic.:lol:
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