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  1. The union is potentially getting charged one million a day. Not the MTA.
  2. I have to catch a flight out of here at 6:00 am. Anybody know if the car services raised their prices too?
  3. lil'moco

    The Bible

    pushbuttonwarfare. I have no idea what that says but that last sketch is rediculous. Nice work.
  4. lil'moco

    The Bible

    Your killin' me ^
  5. I've skated beercity blanks for almost 10 years you should be able to find them at local shops.
  6. I'm not sure if Mark Gonzalez and Neckface fit into the same category. Brownie points if you sell that board for 100 dollars.
  7. Fuckin' hilarious! I don't know what else to say.
  8. lil'moco

    The Babble

    House in a box! Hilarity.
  9. ttp://www.abum.com/?show_media=4188&file_type=Movies
  10. ^ yeah, thats areally unique spot.
  11. That's cool seek. If they get married you and jeru will be chillin' like in-laws.
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