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Sometimes I read shit on here that just amazes the shit out of me. I think of my own experiences as not being all that different from the rest of my generation, and I think of myself as just being kind of Joe Average Boomer, but when I read stuff like Moe Lester not going to the doctor because he doesn't have insurance, I get this sort of "Who TRAINED you motherfuckers for life, anyway?"


Truth is, probably: NOBODY.


Everybody with "NO DAD," raise your hand. That's what I fucking thought.


You can put your hands down now.


Okay. First things first. The idea is to live life as well as you can, and to be happy and satisfied. You want to be an intelligent, worldly, somewhat sophisticated person who has compassion for others and who reaches a condition in Life that roughly approximates Maslow's "self actualization" level in his Hierarchy of Needs. If you've never heard of Maslow or his goddammed needs, don't worry. Maslow and Erikson will dog your every step in college, so you can defer worrying about them until then.


Basic needs first: Oxygen. Gotta have it. A satisfying sex life don't mean shit if you are gasping for every breath. (SMOKERS TAKE HEED and I ain't lyin'.)


Water. Food. Clothes and Shelter. SAFETY.


Once you got the basics, then you can start elaborating.


Love. Affection. Education. Meaningful Work. Spirtual Enlightenment.




Bottom line, you can't expect people to be compassionate towards others if they are hungry all the time. You can't expect people to work on their relationship with their conception of God, or Nature or Whatever if they are subject to being beaten or raped or emotionally tortured. It's just not very likely to occur. If you are fighting for your life, you don't have time or energy for "enlightenment." It's all about "eliminating that threat to my life, and by any goddam means necessary." You can worry about God once you got Hitler safe in the ground.


What I have in mind here is some frank discussion about HOW TO SURVIVE and I'm not talking about making fire with a bow drill.


LET'S HEAR IT. What a ya got?

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1. throw out your credit cards kids. if you don't have the money right now, it means you can't buy it! me and so many people my age are already in huge debt by mid twenties because we always assumed we would have well paying jobs after college. starting your life out living hand to mouth for luxuries when you were younger really is not worth it.


2. maintain healthy relationships with people. I go out of my way to make the people i chose to spend my time with happy. if you chose the right people to be around, they will reciprocate. i will no longer invest time into people who do not put the same effort that i put forth. its just a waste of my time, and makes me cynical. don't let people use you, and use other people.

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i get along in life

i have a career that has been around for ages upon ages and wont be going anywhere anytime soon.

i have healthy relationships with people (for the most part)

and i have planned for my future and will make adjustments as needed


as bug said i dont overspend, credit cards are the devils work

i do smoke i guess that cuts my survival down a bit


but i would like to think that i have the means to survive

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Guest imported_Europe

Life is very short, be carefull what you spend your time doing.

Take some chances otherwise you will regret it.

And travel as much as possible...

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always have a backup plan for living. be prepared at all times. always be aware of options and weigh them.


the less you have the more you appreciate. and oftentimes you are much happier that way.


and probably the most important lesson i have heard from everyone on this board is : keep your head up.


keep busy - whatever it is. sitting at home alone makes you think way too much sometimes. then its all downhill from there.

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  • When you go to bed at night, be happy. If not, stay up and try to resolve whatever is bothering you .. be it a lack of getting shit done, problems with relationships, etc.
  • The Golden Rule actually works quite well - "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." It seems pretty straight forward, and it is. It's also a great way to approach the day-to-day interactions we all encounter: say "God bless you" when someone sneezes, hold the door open for people, smile.
  • Stay in shape. It's really not that hard to work out every once in a while or cut out the shit food in your diet. You'll be a much happier person if you're healthy.
  • Listen to your elders. Although times and situations may change, the pattern of life remains the same. They've been through a lot of the same shit we go through daily. Even if what they have to say doesn't perfectly mesh with the situation you're in, chances are you can extrapolate and somehow apply their lesson to your life.
  • Going off of what bug said, don't spend money you don't have!

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Originally posted by BitchAssSlut

just give me a a massive bank account.... anna kournakova.. and a body dropped blazer.. and i'll be set.


thats a weak fucking list of desires...



just concidering selling my 2 cars for a escalade...






maybe a ext if i can find it for the right price.

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its fucking ridiculous that you bitches need to figureout how to survive on graffiti message boards. with that being said, chances are you wont survive. at least i hope you dont.

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common sense


1.that being said, having a little common sense will help you out alot. If things don't seem right, get out.


2. Be it in a contract for an apartment or buying a used car, don't worry about pissing someone off who is only out to get your money (eg. shady used car salesman), if you are paying for something, you hold the power to walk away.

In other words don't be a chump.

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Gentlemen, I Stand Corrected


Looks like some of you have definately been schooled right. This is good stuff, and with the few (and expected) examples of not-able-to-be-serious-'cause-I'm-too-immature posts, I think some of the above are WORDS TO LIVE BY.


The credit card thing--I agree, cut them all up but one, and PAY IT OFF EVERY MONTH LIKE CLOCKWORK. Don't get into that "minimum balance" deal. Chase Manhattan Vampire Bank of Global Hegemony will extend you credit until your eyes bleed. They really are the Devil, no shit.


Cars--Again, I agree. I love cars, but they require a serious outlay of cash every month to keep them rolling, fueled, insured, etc., etc., etc. Here's a tip. DO YOUR OWN MECHANIC WORK. If you learn enough about automotive mechanics repair to work on your own vehicle, the mystery is decoded. I would recommend that everybody who wishes to own a car first go take a high-school or junior college-level auto mechanics' course. If you are too intimidated to do your own work, or if you hate getting greasy that much, seriously consider whether or not you really need a car. In a city like San Francisco or New York or Montreal, where there is an excellent public transit system, you probably don't need a car. But if you live in Houston or somewhere like South Dakota, you probably do.


The whole "Treat people like you would like to be treated, but don't let people use you" is EXCELLENT advice. Try not to home in too hard on other people's shortcomings and personal foibles, either. You cannot control anybody but yourself, so quit trying. There's a good line from a country song "Go easy on the whiskey, and hard on yourself." This also is good advice. Set standards for yourself and meet those standards. You'll be happy you did so.


This thread is doing great. Anybody else got any good Survival Skills to share?

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The credit card thing is huge - pay attention kids.

Once you have the credit card lesson down, understand this: doing drugs is like getting pleasure on credit. You're going to have to pay later...and in this metaphor, "declaring bankruptcy" to avoid payment equals death.

I'm not saying don't experiment with drugs. Just be aware of the risks, which aren't just death by OD or by accident while fucked up. Payment for drug-induced pleasure can include health problems, mental and emotional problems, depression, etc., especially for chronic or regular use.

I dabbled in light and medium stuff, had some interesting experiences, and was careful not to overindulge, so payment for that stuff was minimal. The biggest debt I incurred was with alcohol, and that took two years to pay off...and I can see why a lot of people try to extend that credit line instead of facing the music. I left all that shit behind five years ago and now I have a positive balance, and I earn pleasure the real way, by accomplishing things that I find important, and savoring the small stuff that a lot of people ignore in favor of substance-induced thrills.

I'm not preaching - just on the survival tips theme. I'm also on no sleep for a long time so I'm probably making less sense than usual.

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Guest willy.wonka

out in the desert with no water???


and all you have is a coffie can and and a plastic tarp or saran wrap..


dig a whole at least 3 feet deep 3 feet wide..place coffie can in the center of hole..place tarp or saran wrap over the whole..allowing it to sink a little right above the can..


take a piss near the hole..


the sun will evaporate the water in your piss...


the water will rise to the tarp and drip towrds the middle of the whole and into the can..


THE OUTCOME... fresh piss water to drink later on.

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