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  1. 8 pages and no vaginas yet. Straight up. Something is wrong with this thread.
  2. It straight up looks like her email got hijacked before it got sent. It's all good for the first half, then it goes off the deep end. That's the type of shit drunk friends do to their drunker friends who left their email half finished while they went to take a shit in the tub.
  3. I'd like to see a rematch between hendo and silva. I was going for Silva, and I'm glad he won, but I think Hendo is capable of bringing more. Also, being that there's really no one left to challenge Silva.. they should keep doing Silva Vs Hendo fights until someone else comes along.
  4. How are the Pens seriously going to sign both Malkin AND Hossa? They'll basically have 3 players almost taking up almost 30 mill of cap space... That trade was a big risk on their part. In response to the dude who said trading Campbell for Bernier was a bad trade... I disagree. The Sabers couldnt resign him, and couldnt let him walk as a UFA without getting anything back for him... especially after the whole Drury/Briere situation. I think Bernier will be a very good player in a year or two... he's not even doing that bad this year.
  5. With all due respect... this shit is ridiculous. First off... its $750. You don't have $750 in your bank? You seriously can't save that amount? You don't have to even have a decent job to save that type of money. If you can't afford $750, you probably shouldn't even be thinking about spending that amount on something like this. Also.. You seem to be saying it's ok to waste this money on what seems to be a sure scam because it's not your money. That's fucked up. You're willing to take donations from people with good intentions, and throw it away on a scam.. but from the sounds of it, you probably wouldn't feel comfortable throwing $750 that you actually worked for on such a thing. I don't know dude... I hope this shit works out for you, but I seriously doubt it will. You should seriously use those donations towards headshots or a college education. People would probably feel a little better about donating to a cause like that...
  6. Kimbo is under contract and does not have the ability to set up his own fights with whoever he wants... it's a PR fight for Elite XC. Arlovski is also under contract with the UFC... so until Kimbo gets into the UFC, that ain't happening.
  7. each ufc gets tougher and tougher to predict. it seriously seems like anyone has a shot against anyone else... jardine dominating liddell? Seriously... that should not happen. Forrest over Rau? Never thought I'd see that.... although Forrest is much improved and did deserve the win. If anything, we should assume any top pride fighter is not going to walk through the ufc unchallenged, like everyone once thought.
  8. I'm a cadillac guy.. cts-v xlr-v sts-v I'd even say go with a 2008 CTS... but it's probably not uber enough.
  9. mirko... you let me down again. shogun is the next dude i'm putting all my hopes into.
  10. kettiecat and Sonik3000.. forgot about those douches.
  11. sage is on my list of people to punch in the nose. his older music was awesome.
  12. I got the voicemail, and left a message using http://www.relaycall.com/national/relay.html he/she should enjoy the relay message from an at&t operator
  13. every time I've let an indoor cat outside... it takes about 2 weeks to come back (if at all). Sounds like you only got a week and a half.... so good luck with that shit. :lol:
  14. I'm pretty sure I see at least 1 kerse in every thread. that guy seriously kills shit.
  15. I got excited for a second... since there is a 7-11 2 blocks from my apartment... Then I realized slurpees are fucking gross, and I would not even drink a free one. That retard with his face in the blueberry pie made me laugh out loud... I'm pretty sure I am now going to hell.
  16. ufc 73 was fairly entertaining... Silva is a maniac. Sean sherk is a maniac Seeing Nogueira get cracked in the head like that, then managing to get through the rest of the rounds was pretty fun to watch. But I think he'll have to step his game up a bit after this fight though... he didn't look nearly as impressive as he has in the past. Tito is a douche. What's everybody's opinions on St Pierre vs Koscheck at 74? Hopefully gsp can recover from his last performance... I would probably give up on mma in general if I saw him lose Koscheck. Koscheck is easily the biggest homo to ever wear shorts.
  17. I thought this movie was very sick. incredible action scenes.... never seen anything like it before. The romance between the two characters was pretty cheesy, but it was to be expected... Overall, this is one of the best movies I've seen in recent memory.
  18. Re: Sixth grader suspended for being too grafftastic ("I Heart Alex" on the bleachers before anyone else says it.... smash.
  19. that's one of the many reasons why I dont eat ANY fucking monster/alien lookalike that lives in water........
  20. that's a little fucked up. what's the status?
  21. maybe you should get yourself out of debt before you start buying bikes OR getting a girlfriend....
  22. Re: my girl is tripping hard and crying saying "i know im dead i can feel it" :lol::lol: That made me lol. People are stupid as fuck.
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