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  1. Minimum wage is just under £6 and is about to go just above it I believe. It is pretty standard to be paid pretty badly in hospitality work in the UK. We are not allowed to add service on a bill even at 10%. Chinese people and other non tipping cultures get very bad service the majority of the time because they hardly ever tip. It's not a racist thing its just the waiter may as well pay more attention to an american table as it will be worth their while.
  2. Also if service charge is not included LEAVE A TIP. Also if service is added check with your waiter to see if he/she gets it. If not then ask for it to be removed from the bill and leave them cash. You are not legally obliged to leave service. Also tip cash where possible because card tips often disappear into the owners pocket.
  3. I work for a well known British celebrity chef as a waiter in one of his restaurants. Americans tip very well as do Canadian however Asians, Australians, Welsh, and some Europeans do not tip. I don't give a fuck whether its not in your culture to tip I am paid the minimum wage the restaurant are legally allowed to pay me and I pay out money at the end of my shift to pay for my tables. 10% is meant to be the standard tip in the UK but so many people just dont want to leave anything. Some proper diners who appreciate good service will always tip if you look after them but other people just dont understand and are tight. I stayed for two hours after my shift to finish looking after a table of people who were drinking champagne and talking about their yachts who then left me a 4% tip. Furious. Seriously if you are eating out and you have a waiter or bartender who looks after you remember they dont have to kiss your ass and help you out they are doing it because they are meant to be rewarded for it. We dont work for our wage we work for the tips.
  4. Re: Favorite Flickr Flicks This blog has some cool photos on it. http://joelondon.tumblr.com/
  5. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2010/08/09/marshals-arrest-escaped-ariz-convict/ "Less than 24 hours before U.S. Marshals swooped in Monday and arrested escaped Arizona inmate Tracy Province on the steps of a Wyoming church, the convicted killer was singing spirituals about God's grace with its small-town congregation. Authorities nabbed Province -- armed with a gun and a hitchhiker's sign -- as he walked out of Meeteetse, Wyo., a tiny town of about 350 people just 60 miles southeast of Yellowstone National Park. Province had been seen at the Meeteetse Community Church Sunday, where he sang along with music including a song titled "You're Grace is Enough," parishioner Jay Curtis told the Associated Press. A day later federal officials finally had him in cuffs once again, but a massive manhunt continues for a second escaped inmate and that man's alleged accomplice, an incestuous duo who have blazed a deadly path through the western U.S. Province separated from fellow inmate John McCluskey and Casslyn Welch, McCluskey's cousin and fiancee -- a woman officials say helped to engineer their July 30 jailbreak." WAIT WUT?
  6. this shit is wack. who does up a car? just be a baller and buy a car that doesn't need modifying.
  7. you take heroin? yes we know you are smoking a blunt in your car, if you put up multiple photos of it you will look even cooler.
  8. the clash of civilisations - samuel huntington mr.nice - howard marks. get to know.
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