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  1. dismissing her responsibility on that whole situation shows how much of limp wrist-ed submissive beta male you are.
  2. guess i am the only member supporting trump in 2016 oh well, i was born an asshole and still am. Bernie? No thanks, free everything? Free college? Fuck that I graduated with a masters in math debt free by working my ass off. I'll be damned if some entitled fuckhead gets a free ride to college without any hardwork. Hiliary...Are you kidding how is this bitch not in jail for the whole Benghazi deal? She's a liar and panders to any minority group for votes and acceptance.
  3. i think im from like 06, i know i had an account before this one, hell i havent logged into here in over 6 years...i found my old blackbook and it took my back to my prime days and then 12oz came up. heh
  4. i was doing this rooftop on the northside of milwaukee (GHETTTTOOO). Theres a ghetto apartment building that over looks the spot and there was these 2 black couples arguing yellin real loud and i was like damn they makin my spot hot as fuck then the bitch gets on beast mode with the dude and throws a fucking chair out the balcony and it lands right by me, then the dood comes out the balcony to see where it went and he was like DAYUUM JUDY U DONE ALMOST HIT THIS WHITE BOY OUT HER, so i just dip out with my shit half finished i was pretty pissed.
  5. how you gonna call someone a snitch when you snitch on a dude and have cops pull em out his guys house.......you know who you are tlkin shit behind my back. pussy nigga
  6. well played sir, well played.
  7. lol why am i not banned yet? :X
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