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  1. Umm this is a female. I swear! I dunno how it turned so manly later on in life ...its kinda creepy actually. smash or trash?
  2. hush kpc? yo you dont know? hush kpc was laying down the foundation for graff as a whole. I am utterly devastated that you don't know who he is. I think we should all give the floor to puto let him tell everyone here who hush kpc is and what his contributions are to Westchester aka freshchester lol, new york and graff dont you think so? come on man tell us the life and times of hush kpc... lol ps this is worth looking at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/elswatchoboracho/2768147121/in/photostream/ this argument is lame.
  3. Let me stop hush kpc ...that nigga is real. yo we should start a thread for hush kpc lol
  4. lol. id like to get into my autobiography and all but I mean what difference does it really make? That shit is trash and I have no clue where that shit is but i would gladly donate some bucket paint and rollers. What are his other tags? I love how graff has been condensed to these obscure nobody ass niggas that I swear I have never seen. Proceed to tell me what I jock I can't wait to hear this shit? As for Hush 47 and the new police...I don't get it...I also don't get what is so cool about that night club pacha, why spanish girls like white guys and why everyone likes sweet tea? Fuck you wanna make of it? I also don't get that guy bakfat but props nigga bombed around police plaza. I did this shit when you could go into pergament rack 20 cans down the leg and take a detour to grandmas for lasagna. I watched my friends die, people turn to junkies and the worse in people come out because of graff. I don't have shit to prove and if I did as far as I am concerned it is to late and too point less to prove it. good luck and fuck you very much. :D ps ID UGG the man...20 bucks yes2 says the same.
  5. who ever hush kpc is that shit is trash. I dunno why I gotta respect anything? You dont bomb, you never bombed, y do I have to respect that? That is an arbitrary demand for acceptance of you or your boys existence. Hush 47 at least got some kinda flow...I mean i don't get his shit period but he puts it up
  6. if there is enough of something over and over again it is a STYLE. I think it is just a lot cooler to have tag inside the pieces lol.
  7. I am almost 300% it is the crackhead Ment. Fuck it thinking about that shit is too confusing. Speaking of this shit there is an old ment tag I have seen in Chappaqua of all places at the train station. Its cool to see shit like that considering the age its from.
  8. What really blows my mind is how people don't store there contacts with a back up of some sort... fuck outta here if i lost my contacts i d fucking be dead in the water now that craigslist shut down the hookers lol
  9. i hate this motherfucker...but he take both of em on with that rascal..
  10. i had one of these people before...she had ummm what was it down syndrome...she wasn't very sexual but she liked me. <3 i guess when your border line retarded its hard to be romantic
  11. idk but if i had to pic my poison crack head over fat whore any day... ughhhh...imagine what that fat girls shit smells like and you hit it from the back and there like turd flake stuck to some hidden nook or cranny...fuck outa here...ugh
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